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Today in Gear: September 26, 2013

Dock Tray What’s the quote? “Cleverness is next to Godliness”?

Dock Tray
What’s the quote? “Cleverness is next to Godliness”? Well, then set yourself down and worship this sleek tray, made in Germany from natural or dark oak. It’s shaped perfectly for iPad duty but can play well with iPhones too; there’s cable storage within and the outer channel functions as a stand for your iDevice. But you needn’t stand it up — the tray will also comfortably cradle a tablet or phone, horizontally. $134

Left Field Black Maria Jeans
Ready to get dark? These Black Maria jeans are named after the type of horses that hauled the corpses of coal miners around at the beginning of the last century. So. Of the two styles — both black, natch — the Greaser is a fuller, more traditional cut; Chelsea is slim (and not for men with “athletic” legs). The selvedge denim is sulfur yarn-dyed with black rivets and red hankerchief pocket details. Once they break in you’ll look extra fly while pulling bodies out of mines. $230

Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep
While it doesn’t explain what the hell actually happened in those last few shots of The Shining movie, this installation promises a satisfying sequel to King’s original novel, written some 36 years ago. The story follows Dan (née Danny) Torrence as he seeks to live a peaceful life after the childhood trauma he experienced at the Overlook Hotel. He works in a nursing home, using his Shining to help patients cope with their own mortality, and meets a little girl with a much stronger Shine. And then there’s the roaming hoard of quasi-immortals who live off the energy of Shining-laden children being tortured, so, you know, there’s something in there for everyone. $17

Red Wing 9022 Beckman Boot
A Barney’s exclusive, this Settler leather lace up is unadorned but highly detailed. With creamy full grain leather, Goodyear welt construction, Roccia sole, contrasting eyelets and extra leather trim, they might even be worn with shorts, so long as it’s for the sole purpose of getting them more time on your feet. $365

JBL Synchro S700 Headphones
Die-cast aluminum is paired with soft leather for a light, sturdy appearance and high-end comfort, respectively. The white and brushed metal version looks like what we’ll all be wearing in a few decades (according to some of our favorite flicks, at least), and JBL’s Livestage digital signal processing and PureBass tech promise pure sound quality. $350

Alternative Apparel
We’re all conscious of how we dress; after all, we want to feel at the top of our game. Alternative Apparel combines looks and comfort into one beast with product lines that span the spectrum of what a man’s closet essentials. From chinos to jackets to basics and back again, these are cozy pieces that look as good as they feel. Their products use sustainable materials, so your conscience can relax too. alternativeapparel.com

BikeID Svart Bike
With nary a part that isn’t matte or glossy black, the Svart is the perfect fit for NYC’s Museum of Modern Art Design Store (for which it was created exclusively). It pares down all extraneous switchgear and foofaraw, eschewing manual gear changers for an automatic two-speed that shifts at 11 mph; there’s a rear foot brake in addition to its front brake. The minimalist approach yields a two-wheeler that’s just 25 pounds. $990 ()
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