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Today in Gear: December 31, 2013

Today in gear, we find a chic way to groom your ‘board, building blocks for space nerds, old-school gaming on your Mac and much more.



Travelteq All Leather Weekender
We’re fond of weekender bags ’round these parts, and this doozy from Travelteq caught our discerning eye. Handmade in Italy like the rest of their lineup, this bag is constructed of fox-colored leather, has a main compartment supplemented by a few smaller crevasses and an interior lined with a fetching orange nylon. $1,375

LEGO NASA Curiosity Rover
Legos are fantastic toys, vehicles for learning about mechanics and construction and a perfect form of creative expression. Your kids will love them. But you’ll love them more — especially if you get an awesome Lego replica of an awesome real-life machine. Curiosity is away exploring the Red Planet, but you can harness the nerdery and wonder from a bookshelf base in your very own home. (Just keep it somewhere Junior can’t reach.) $30

Make Co. Surfboard Grooming Kit
Even if you don’t surf, this kit makes a totally rad addition to your personal art collection — it’s just as much a design piece as it is functional. A three-way collaboration, the 25-piece, limited edition set includes a wax comb (with built-in scraper and bottle opener), cotton cloth, a bar of wax and a bottle of methyl hydrate to clean up extra wax residue. $129

Open Emu
Can you believe it’s been over 30 years since the original NES went on sale? Relive the days of your youth (or the youth of someone older than you…damn kids) with this beautiful new Mac video game emulator. Download the software, drag and drop your ROM games (downloaded elsewhere) into the iTunes-like interface, and have a go at King Koopa et al. The emulator plays nicely with peripheral controllers or keyboard commands and runs games from Game Boy, NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Virtual Boy and many more. Free

Quoddy Wabanaki Boot
Quoddy makes some damn fine made-in-Maine footwear, and they’ve just come out with this fly desert boot. Handcrafted from leather and mounted to a traditional crepe sole, the contrast stitching and modernized classic lines will please feet and eyes alike. $320

Chiefs For Men Pine Man Wash
Even though your girlfriend’s bath beads and loofah are tempting, sometimes a guy’s just gotta get all masculine, bathing-wise. This pine-scented body wash lathers up like it should and leaves skin smelling of fresh pine, so you can tell all passersby you’ve spent the morning cutting down trees and definitely not using that pumice stone while wearing a shower cap. $29
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