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Today in Gear: January 1, 2014

Today in gear, we find futuristic snow shoes, minimalist coffee brewers, a plowing app, an external Mac battery pack and more.



Filson Bicycle Panniers
For those of you in warmer climes, where frozen precipitation and chilling winds don’t deter you from a bicycle commute, or for anyone who’s already planning their first spring pedal-powered trip, these sturdy bike bags are set to do gear lugging duty. Made of oiled tin cloth and bridle leather, the multi-pocketed totes straddle your rear wheel but also detach for easy carrying as saddle bags. $320

Canadiano Coffee Brewer
If you like yourself a custom cup o’ Joe, look no further than this single serving pour-over contraption. Place the squared-off wooden block atop your mug, insert a couple scoops of high-grade beans and just add water. The integrated metal filter does away with the need for paper filters, and the different woods available are tailored for specific kinds of beans, so choose wisely. $60+

Fimbulvetr Snowshoes
Those wooden snowshoes your grandpa swore by are terrific. They’re handsome, heritage-filled and work like a charm, but anymore they’re a bit outdated. These thermoplastic elastomer shoes are durable, lightweight and completely recyclable. The design is asymmetrical, like your feet, so your movement is as natural as can be. Edmund Hillary, eat your frozen heart out. $450

Chugplug External Mac Battery Pack
Your hangover dictates that nary a moment shall pass today sans Netflix. Just make sure you’ve got enough juice to last a while — there will be no getting out of bed to plug in you chic Apple laptop. This external battery pack connects directly to your existing power brick and MagSafe adapter and provides up to four extra hours of run time, depending on the computer you’ve got. $160

Third Assist Outdoor Hockey Gloves
The last thing you want during your outdoor hockey game is cold fingers. Okay, actually the last thing you want is to get into a fist fight with the huge guy on the other intramural league — but cold fingers are bad. So is going on the ice without some semblance of style. These leather gloves are fully padded except in the palm area in the name of better stick feel, and they’re fully lined with rabbit fur for a little carnivorous luxury. $99+

Plowz On Demand Snowplowing App
Yet another app that promises you’ll be plowed. With just a couple taps, your driveway can be clear and dry while you stay warm and dry inside the comfort of your home and watch some poor, freezing dude ruin his transmission as he blasts back and forth across your property. The app is free, the plowing is not — prices may fluctuate based on driveway length, but they start at $25. Free

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