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Today in Gear: January 7, 2014

Today in gear, we find apparel for the polar vortex, an ice shovel/brush for the polar vortex, a hot tub… for the polar vortex.



NW Alpine
This is Alpine gear that’s actually made to conquer Alpine situations. It’s designed and manufactured in and around Portland, Oregon, and field tested by folks who know their stuff and need it to perform. From base layer to insulation to outer shells, this apparel, in all its simple, straightforward and purpose-built glory, looks the part: the part of serious gear for those serious about mountaineering. nwalpipne.com

Runtastic Libra
Runtastic’s Libra is a smart scale that shares openly with your smartphone. Up to eight unique users’ data can be monitored via the handy app, which sucks down information like weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass and more and transmits it to your device via Bluetooth. $130

Quirky Zeus Snow Shovel And Brush
The collapsible handle on this trick snow shovel breaks down to reveal a hidden snow brush. This way you’ll be able to go dust off your car in the morning and then be able to immediately pick up the pile of powder you dropped to the ground, or simply dig yourself out of a particularly slippery situation. $30

You too can experience hot water the way your ancestors did: with fire. Burn some wood in this rather authentic hot tub’s stove appliance and the natural circulation (that’d be “convection” to all you boffins out there) ups the atomic activity of your H20, providing your buns and the buns of your bathing companion(s) a toasting to remember. weltevree.nl

Grand Prix Racers: Portraits Of Speed
Father-and-son photog team Bernard and Paul-Henri Cahier caught multitudes of profound Grand Prix moments over their careers, which began in the early 1950s. Now their work is compiled in one place alongside profiles of the most famous drivers. $36

Nimble TV
TV on the go? A pipe dream for most folks — sure, there are remote streaming devices and apps available, but they’re often cumbersome or incomplete. Nimble TV, just rolled out in NYC and soon to be introduced on a much larger scale, is a middleman between your cable company and your mobile device. Pay a small monthly fee and you can view any of your cable channels anywhere you’ve got service; there’s even a cloud-based DVR function. You’ll never again leave home without MacGyver reruns. watch.nimbletv.com
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