Today in Gear: January 13, 2014

Today in Gear, we find a versatile way to scroll, an underwater modular light system, a berry good gin, cycling gloves and much more.



Veeka Cycling Gloves
Blending classic style with modern functionality is always a promising recipe. These cycling gloves look like hand sheaths of yore yet feature silicone grips, a clever pull tab for a supreme fit and vegan fabrics on many of the models. $30+

Ishuja Eco-Essential Pen
We’re rapidly advancing toward a future date when paper will be passé at best. Until then, we’ll be interchangeably drawing on screens and writing on paper, which is where this line of writing utensils comes into play. Bamboo mates with aluminum to make sleek, lightweight (yet well-balanced) tools. The mechanical pencil and two pens (there’s a dark-finish version as well) are capped by a stylus nub for those times with you forego the notebook for Angry Birds. $50+

Sipsmith V.J.O.P. London Dry Gin
Gin is most often cited for its Juniper taste. This new concoction by the Sipsmith team gives the berry flavor a true starring role, upping its part — and the spirit’s proof, to boot. It’s a 57.7-percent ABV swill, and always crafted in small batches, which is something to raise a glass to. $65

Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth
Bluetooth 4.0 connects the PowerMate to your Mac, and since it’s easily configurable, it’ll quickly work in most every controller application you’ve got in mind. It twists, clicks, taps and scrubs, scrolls, pans and zooms with the best of them; plus there’s that cute little blue glow below. It’s a unique take on the ubiquitous peripheral, standing out in a world of trackpads and mice. $60

Tosi SuperBites
Looking at the list of things these snacks are free of, you might be tempted to think they don’t exist at all. They’re also vegan and high in fiber and antioxidants. So if you like nuts, healthy eating and don’t like additives of any kind (or if you’re a very fit rabbit), these are the bites for you. $30 ()

Light & Motion GoBe Underwater Torch
This little modular fella is compatible with many lighting elements — spotlight, high-lumen, searchlight, red focus and more — and mounts, making it just right for most any need you could throw at it. The USB-rechargeable battery should last for 36 hours and powers four different brightness settings. Pick up a light and the elements you need, as you need them. $200+

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