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Today in Gear: January 29, 2014

Today in Gear, we find Yuengling ice cream, red-hot running shoes, the best of McSweeney’s in print and much more.

Best-Of-McSweeny’s-Internet-Tendency-Gear-Patrol Best Of McSweeny’s Internet Tendency
McSweeny’s has been around for over 15 years now, but the bulk of its written content — delightfully verbose prose, pithy lists and everything in between — lives online in its own unique, stylized format. Now the best of its stuff, which is what some might call “funny”, is available in a new physical volume for page-turning fans. $15
Piper-Automated-Home-Security-Gear-Patrol Piper Automated Home Security
Home automation isn’t just being relegated to simple tasks like turning on lights and shutting off the sprinklers — it’s also a prime opportunity for security measures. The app allows users to set custom parameters and rules for their security system (essentially what to do and who to notify when x or y occurs), and controls the separate Piper sensors and alarms that live around your home. Rest assured the safety of your home and all your precious worldly goods is in the stiff, lifeless hands of a cold robot entity. getpiper.com
Yuengling’s-Ice-Cream-Gear-Patrol Yuengling’s Ice Cream
The worst part of this news is that the Black & Tan flavor isn’t based on their actual beer. The best part — well, there may be too many to choose just one. There are 10 excellent flavors. The creamery was originally begun to supplement the brewery’s income during prohibition, but there hasn’t been a drop of dairy produced by Yuengling for 30 years. Now, 14,000 quarts are being produced every day. It’ll be available in a couple short weeks. And, most importantly: ice cream. $6
Fujifilm-X-T1-Gear-Patrol Fujifilm X-T1
This compact DSLR features an electronic viewfinder with a super-low lag time of just 0.005 seconds — 1/10th the time of its competitors — and 2.36M dot resolution with 0.77x magnification. It’s also weather-resistant and can take temps down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit with no problem, so you can get that perfect snowy day shot. Since it’s made from magnesium, it’s lightweight, and it’s got that classy, classic look for a little extra style out in the photog world. fujifilm.com
LaCie-Fuel-Gear-Patrol LaCie Fuel
LaCie wants you to do more with your iPad. With 1TB of wirelessly accessed storage and a 10-hour battery life, the Fuel provides access your massive trove of files without an internet connection. The thing generates its own wi-fi signal, connecting up to five devices simultaneously. Sharing files is easy as drag-and-drop, and it’s accessed via computer just like any other external hard drive. $200
J.Crew-x-New-Balance-Inferno-998-Sneaker-Gear-Patrol J.Crew x New Balance “Inferno” 998 Sneaker
Forget about greys and blues, this new limited-edition colorway of the New Balance 998 is inspired by the climates of all of those places you bitterly cursed in the depths of your polar vortex despair. Each pair is made in the USA with suede from Skowhegan, ME and features ABSORBZ (forgive the “Bratz” nomenclature) rubber sole for comfort and traction. Find them exclusively online at J.Crew.com today or venture out to select stores in New York, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Hawaii, Dallas and London Regent St. in early February — granted you manage to thaw. $160
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