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Today in Gear: March 25, 2014

Today in Gear we examine the world’s fastest external drive, Bell’s throwback helmets, your guide to aging beer and a ladder accessory that lends a helping hand.



Bell Bullitt Helmet
The “helmets cramp my style” argument is officially moot. Bell’s new Bullitt was inspired by the company’s first piece of headgear, the Bell Star, and features enough retro cool to even turn the heads of those women with names like Alessandra and Coco you wish were riding with you. $400

You’re so handy the idea of a “two man” job makes you laugh like Tim Curry on whippets. The LadderLimb can help you keep up that DIY machismo by serving as a third hand on any job involving aluminum ladders. Its tapered shaft wedges securely into a rung, while an integrated carabiner clip holds everything from tools belts and paint cans to a six pack of Bud heavy (not recommended). $24

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2
The latest edition to Lacie’s oxymoronic family claims to be “the world’s fastest portable storage” solution. The 1TB SSD allows creative types to edit and stream 4k content directly from the hard drive, avoiding hassle and saving time. It also costs as much as a 13-inch MacBook Air. $1,299

There’s nothing like a well-designed typeface. Except when you can’t figure out what it matches with. Designer Aura Seltzer created Typeconnection for her thesis to help pros and rookies alike decided what goes with what. Hint: Comic Sans still goes with nothing. Free

Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews That Improve over Time
Yes, you can age certain kinds of beers. (We’ll have more to come from us on that later.) Impatient types can get a head start on the topic by checking out Patrick Dawson’s easily digestible guide. You’ll get insights into the science behind it, plenty of suggestions on what to age in your own cellar, and advice on already aged beers to buy now if cellar in your vernacular means mini fridge. $10

Gregory Targhee 18
The Targhee 18 is the perfect spring skiing side country pack — we used it as our pack during the Power of 4 ski mountaineering race. It’s got just enough room for a spare layer, your avalanche safety tools, and some snacks; the suspension system is comfortable and fits well on top of ski shells and climbing harnesses. $130
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