Today in Gear: 5 Products You Need to Know

Info on Blackstock & Weber's Fall 2021 collection, nonstop listening with solar panel-embedded headphones and a folding bike that reinvents the wheel, literally.

two men replacing a car window

When it comes to "gifts from work," what's the best item you've ever received (if — you've been lucky enough to receive a gift from a coworker or employer in the first place)? A fountain pen? A bottle of whiskey? How about a Rolex watch? If you ever find yourself working as a stunt double on a Keanu Reeves film, you might have an especially valuable gift coming your way. To celebrate the closing days of production on John Wick 4, Reeves presented all of his stunt doubles (nicknamed "The Keanu Five") with custom engraved Rolex Submariners. Sure, a gift like this already has a bit of value as a piece of Hollywood-adjacent memorabilia, but given the fact that the noted scarcity of Rolexes has made most models exceedingly profitable on the aftermarket, this isn't just an incredible gesture of goodwill — you could almost consider it as a financial investment in a job well-done (not that we're suggesting anyone sell such a personal gift... ).

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Safelite is the stress-free solution for your auto glass needs.
woman cleaning car glass

When it comes to handling, repairing and replacing the glass on your car, Safelite AutoGlass® is the go-to provider — whether visiting in-shop or meeting up with a MobileGlassShop™ technician at your home or workplace. From window and windshield replacement, to advanced safety system recalibration, when it comes to auto glass repair and replacement, Safelite is the clear choice.


Brighten up your space (and your productivity) with Lume Cube's Edge Desk Light.
edge desk light

Designed specifically to brighten up your workspace while on video calls (or simply working through daily tasks), Lume Cube's Edge Desk Light ticks all the boxes when it comes to what you're looking for in a lamp. Featuring adjustable brightness and color temperature controls, integrated USB-C and USB-A charging ports and five flexible pivot points for full range lighting, this is definitely worth adding to your work kit.


If you know, you know: Blackstock & Weber Fall 2021 hits shelves this Friday.
blackstock and weber sweater
Blackstock & Weber

If you don't know about Blackstock & Weber, you should. On top of having a much-hyped collaboration with J.Crew earlier this year, the brand has emerged as one of the buzziest (but still under-the-radar) brands of recent history. The loafer-focused brand's "Hoodie Season" Fall 2021 collection goes live tomorrow, October 29 at noon. Scout out the lookbook before the drop — we'll be shopping right alongside everyone else this Friday.


Solar powered headphones that charge while in-use? Is that even possible?
black headphones

Imagine: Even with a day full of back-to-back meetings and multi-episode podcast sessions, you never stop to charge your wireless headphones. Urbanista's new Los Angeles headphones — supported by "Powerfoyle" solar panels in the headband — promise such a future. Sure the technology is relatively nascent (and really only lives up to its potential if you're listening in direct sunlight), but the possibility of truly wire-free headphones has us intrigued.


The Tuck Bike: A folding bike that literally reinvents the wheel.
foldable bike
Tuck Bike

Damn near the combined dictionary definitions of "form" and "function," it's hard to think of how to innovate on the folding bike. The Tuck Bike takes the concept and goes the extra mile, making the frame, handlebars and — most importantly — the wheels completely foldable. ISO 4210-7 certified for safety and utilizing Gecko Rubber's puncture-proof foam tires, this is one Kickstarter we'll be watching closely when it launches next week.


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