Today in Gear: Gear Updates to Round Out The Week

A Roark classic reworked with help from Pendleton, Hurley's entry in the e-bike industry and Tanner Goods' new Weiss collaboration round out the week's gear updates.

man wearing roark axeman shirt

Upgrading your iPhone just got a little harder (see: expensive). Uncovered recently by keen-eyed Apple fans, the brand has slashed the trade-in prices of several of its past and present iPhone models, ranging from a 12 percent reduction for the iPhone 12 Pro Max to a 20 percent drop in the trade-in value for the iPhone 7 (which, if we're being fair, already wasn't that high as it is). Worse yet, these trade-in prices are for mint condition models; if your trade-in has any wear and tear, you're likely to get even less value back. It's hard to know what to do in a situation like this — do you upgrade now before any further reductions, or hang on to your device (assuming continuing to use your current iPhone is still feasible)? At any rate, it's a move that lays bare Apple's desire to fold more users into its own yearly upgrade program. Interested in upgrading your other gear? Check out Roark's new collection, reworked with help from Pendleton, artfully-designed home stereo sets from Wrensilva and Hurley's entry into the e-bike space. This is Today in Gear.

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Roark punches up the Axeman Jacket with a little help from Pendleton.
axeman jacket

Roark is a brand rooted in a spirit of expedition; it's that adventurous spirit that directly inspired the label's Axeman jacket. This collab, crafted from USA virgin wool, features a signature Pendleton pattern exclusively recolored for the Roark collaboration. With a fully-sherpa-lined interior rounded out by custom metal clasps, you'll be warm regardless of what's on the agenda.


Introducing Gerber's new three-piece family of fixed blades, the Downwind collection.
gerber downwind collection

Gerber — founded in Portland, OR in 1939 — has a legacy of reliable blades that have been designed (and mainly produced) in the Pacific Northwest. Its latest suite of fixed blades ranges from a utilitarian drop point knife to the unusual Ulu model, a versatile curved blade traditionally used in Inuit culture. The best part is, by using 7Cr steel, the blades all clock in around or under $50.


Wrensilva's new stereo consoles recall the world's best music venues (even if that's just your living room).
wrensilva stereos

In an age where streaming is the standard, it's hard to remember a time when a stereo system was as much a piece of well-designed furniture as it was a set of speakers. Wrensilva's Club Series — ranging from the large M1 to the small (but mighty) Loft size — features premium ash wood exteriors, mother-of-pearl inlays and amp-inspired speakers. Simply put, a piece of furniture never sounded so good.


A new way to get to the beach (or anywhere else): Hurley enters the e-bike market.
hurley e bikes

In a move that we can only imagine was designed to get people to the beach faster, surf brand Hurley has unveiled a line of e-bikes. Ranging from beach cruisers to mountain bike-inspired options, Hurley's suite of bikes can go for roughly 50 miles per charge, making them the perfect alternative to driving to the beach (no matter how far off-road your search for great waves take you).


Tanner Goods teams up with Weiss to celebrate 15 years in business.
tanner goods x weiss watch
Tanner Goods

With aims to represent the best in modern American watchmaking, L.A.-based Weiss is the perfect partner for Tanner Goods. Teased yesterday afternoon, the collaboration celebrates 15 years of Tanner goods with a 38mm limited edition Field Watch. The homage to the brand is seen in everything from the dial (using the same font used for sizing on Tanner Goods' belts) to the custom Horween Cordovan leather strap.


Ask an Expert
tag heuer formula 1 quartz watch
Gear Patrol Studios

A Gear Patrol reader asks: "In timepiece lexicon, what is “Quartz”? Like, is there an actual quartz gemstone somehow involved in the mechanics of its ticking or timekeeping? Is it merely just battery powered?"

The Expert: First and foremost, if you're really interested in quartz watches (either in buying one for yourself or just out of sheer curiosity on how they work), we'd suggest checking out our thorough guide on everything you need to know before buying a quartz watch. That said, we spoke to some editors on our watch desk, and received the following response that cuts right to your question:

"Yes, an actual quartz crystal oscillates at a fixed frequency when an electric charge is run through it via a battery (or something like that). This is what gives you fixed, predictable timekeeping." - Oren Hartov, Editor, Watches.

You might have to spend $15 on a cup of coffee soon...

Yeah, the coffee bean situation is pretty bad. In this episode, we discuss what that means for our daily cuppa, and also cover the "EV inflection point" and whether or not Netflix Games is an attractive service for "real" gamers.

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