Today in Gear: What’s New, Notable and Releasing Now

Updates on Tidal's new free pricing tier, Honda's new scooter-motorcyle bike and an online wine sale that you won't want to miss.

fox racing jacket

Unless you're that audiophile (or happen to know someone who is intensely serious about their streaming services), it's not likely that you're going to bump into someone who actively uses Tidal — especially when you consider the sheer ubiquity of services like Spotify, or, trailing behind that, Apple Music. In order to compete with its well-established rivals, Tidal is launching Tidal Free, which gives access to Tidal's entire music catalog — but will have commercial interruptions. It's also dropping the price of its Hi-Fi tier (basically the first level that requires a subscription charge) down to $10 — placing it squarely in line with its competitors — who, for what it's worth, now also offer some form of lossless audio. While the perk of Tidal has been its focus on high fidelity, its pricing structure always made it the more expensive option among the streaming giants. In a world where most want to simply listen to the latest releases, a small rotation of their favorite albums or curated playlists, moving towards more financially accessible options is only a good thing. On top of Tidal's new announcement, get the details on Honda's new scooter-motorcycle crossover, an early look at J.Press and Todd Snyder's new collab, and MYSA's can't-miss wine deals. This is Today in Gear.

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Be race or trail ready with Fox Racing's Ridgeway Jacket.
fox racing ridgeway jacket
Fox Racing

Fox Racing's Ridgeway jacket ticks all the boxes, offering durability and weather-defying warmth, wrapped up in a... well, highly packable design. It starts with the rugged Cordura fabric outer shell rounded out by a Polartec lining for practical insulation without adding weight. Add in fleecy side panels for mobility, and you'll be reaching for it no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.


Todd Snyder taps J.Press for Ivy League-ready capsule collection.
todd snyder x j press
Todd Snyder

With the rise of brands like Aimé Leon Dore, there's a major push for brands that can blend streetwear-infused styling with a slightly preppy edge. Todd Snyder's new partnership with J.Press — an "Ivy Style" icon in its own right, scratches that itch with suiting, J.Press' classic sweaters (and a whole lot more). As for us, we've got our eyes on a piece that looks, frankly, like a cross between a Patagonia Deep Pile Retro-X jacket and a tailored topcoat.


Ever wanted to try (or gift) natural wine? MYSA is the perfect place to start.
mysa wine

Let's cut to the chase, MYSA is a curated online natural wine shop that ships to 45 states. Even better, every bottle it sells is accented by thorough descriptions and pairing suggestions so you know exactly what to expect from the bottle. With MYSA providing a top-tier wine club and occasion-specific bottle suggestions (and seasonal discounts), it's never been a better time to scoop up wine for the holiday season — whether you're gift shopping or simply looking to bring something different to an upcoming get-together.


Patagonia Provisions tackles an invasive species with new venison sausage links.
lightly smoked venison links
Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia Provisions — the food and drink-adjacent arm of the Patagonia universe has added a new venison sausage that's aimed at tackling the invasive Axis Deer population in Hawai'i. That's not to say Patagonia has sacrificed its morals; in fact, it's working with Maui Nui venison to humanely harvest the deer, and the product provides meat to locals while allowing the local ecosystem to recover.


Honda's Navi mini bike looks to be the best displacement bike on the market.
honda navi mini bike

Not quite a scooter and not quite a motorcycle, the displacement bike scene is kind of an awkward stepchild for moto enthusiasts in the west. Honda aims to change that perception with the Navi. With a .9 gallon tank and about 110 mpg, it's a bike designed as an efficiency-focused alternative to public transit, without sacrificing on user accessibility or customization potential. Best of all, the $1,807 price tag makes it one of the best values in the space.


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