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Apple's new self-service repair program, Solo Stove's backyard-ready pizza oven and the rise of biodynamic whiskey, here's the cut on today's drops.

snowboarders on snowy mountain with backcountry gear

Popularized in winemaking, biodynamic growing practices — leveraging "natural" farming techniques (think moon cycles) — are designed to bring out the best of a region's terroir and the organic properties of the crop. We're definitely used to seeing this approach to growing grapes when it comes to natural wine, but it's not something we've seen much of in the whiskey space. That seems like it's about to change, however. With the release of Waterford Whiskey's Biodynamic:Luna and Bruichladdich's "The Biodynamic Project", it's clear that whiskey distillers are exploring the regenerative properties of biodynamic farming. While it might just be another experimental thing that whiskey distillers are importing from the wine world, we can applaud any initiative that reduces carbon and environmental impact. That's not the only information worth discussing today. Get the details on Solo Stove's backyard-ready Pi Pizza oven, Lifepro's hyper-portable elliptical machine and Apple's new self-service repair program. This is Today in Gear.

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Gear up on the best from Backcountry, featuring major deals on top-tier brands.
backcountry gear

You already know that Backcountry is the place to go when you're looking gear up, but with the shop's Cyber Sale going on right now, you can find top-tier deals (we're talking up to 60 percent off) on some of the best brands Backcountry has to offer. Whether it's Mountain Hardware outerwear or Therm-a-Rest sleeping bags, keep it locked to Backcountry as it reveals deals throughout the holiday shopping season.


Solo Stove's Pi pizza oven brings the pizzeria into your backyard.
solo stove
Solo Stove

It only takes one (frozen) pizza to prove: While there's nothing wrong with a traditional kitchen oven, when it comes to baking a pizza, there's nothing that can top a pizza oven. Solo Stove's Pi pizza oven combines a traditional domed design with modern tech to make an oven that's perfect for creating pies in the comfort of your own home. While the oven is set to release in the near future, keep it locked as the brand drops more details on the Pi oven.


Lifepro launches the most portable elliptical machines we've ever seen.
rove elliptical machine

Designed as a mini elliptical machine, the Lifepro Rove Elliptical Machine is built to be used in a variety of casual and compact settings — whether that's under a work desk or on the couch. With eight tension levels and adjustable sitting and standing angles, the Rove Elliptical is meant to be used for both lightweight workouts and low-impact health maintenance.


They thought it would never happen: Apple is allowing individuals to repair their own iPhones.
apple repair

Released under the "Self Service Repair" name, Apple will begin selling authorized parts and tools to those looking to tune up their iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. The program will begin in 2022 in the United States, and roll out globally over the following 12 months. While this repair program begins with minor fixes — think screen cracking and battery life — on the aforementioned iPhone models, the plan will expand to Mac computer products later on.


McIntosh's new C12000 preamp is part hi-fi audio, part art piece.
mcintosh c12000 2 channel solid state and vacuum tube preamplifier

In short, preamps effectively convert low-level electric signals and send that sound on to the amplifiers to drive the speaker(s). McIntosh is dropping an all-new preamp — the C12000 Preamplifier — which has, to quote the brand, a "unique two-chassis design that isolates the audio section from the control and power sections." Long story short, adding this piece to your stereo system will sound as refined as it looks.


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