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Details on Instagram's new plans for the return of the chronological feed, a new take on campsite coffee and the "most 'Timex' Timex ever made."

man crossing street wearing ewool clothing

Nobody likes to deal with trolls on social media — and Twitter might have a way to prevent people (both celebrities and regular folks) from getting snowed under with abuse and trolling. Reported in Bloomberg, Twitter's "Project Guardian" is effectively a list of users that are at high risk of being attacked by other users. Those on the list find their complaints about abusive posts fast-tracked within the moderation team and reviewed ahead of others in the queue. While, yes, the list is reportedly full of high-profile celebrities and notable users (whose reach could make complaints about Twitter spread quickly and make the platform look especially bad), according to Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity, that's not where this initiative ends. "The reason this concept existed is because of the ‘person of the day’ phenomenon, and on that basis, there are some people who are the ‘person of the day’ most days, and so Project Guardian would be one way to protect them." In other words, this is also a way to protect regular people who — for one reason or another — find themselves in the middle of Twitter frenzy. While sheer scale prevents this feature from rolling across the entire userbase (on top of the fact that, if everyone was receiving fast-tracked moderation... no one would be), it's nice to see that Twitter has tools in its arsenal that don't just protect famous faces, but also those who find themselves suddenly thrust into the digital limelight. Twitter aside, we're diving into details on Instagram's new plans for the return of the chronological feed, a new take on campsite coffee and the "most 'Timex' Timex ever made." This is Today in Gear.

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ewool's PRO-Level Heating Vest just got even hotter — literally.
ewool vest

The label's PRO+ Heated Vest is a leap forward on its previous PRO models, tweaking the details to make a product that's seven times warmer than the competition. For maximum efficiency, the PRO+ Heated Vest's heating elements are placed as close as possible to the body, with a thin, stretchable fabric making sure the vest doesn't just work as a mid-layer, but is comfortable for all-day wear on its own. It's never been easier to keep your vest's charge topped up via the easy-access charging port.


Wildland Coffee has us ready to try coffee... in a teabag.
wildland coffee
Wildland Coffee

It's not instant coffee, it's coffee in a teabag. Made from sourced from Cerrado, Brazil, Wildland Coffee uses real ground beans and "nitro-flush" each pouch to keep the product fresh in the teabag for 12 months. While you might think that coffee in a teabag would be... well, watery — Wildland's customers report it tastes just like a pour-over or French press coffee. While the coffee teabags are designed with camping in mind (The bag and coffee are compostable and the wrapper is recyclable), it's a solid alternative for any situation where you need a quick cup on the go, in or out of the wild.


Instagram will (re)open up the chronological feed starting in 2022.
instagram icon

Speaking to lawmakers in D.C. yesterday, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri noted that the social media giant will bring back a "version" of the chronological feed next year, giving users the option to choose that over the current algorithmic feed. While the algorithmic feed has been defended by Instagram for serving users the content that they implicitly "want" to see based on how they interact with the platform, that has also come under fire due to the mystery around how posts are ranked and what gives served to who (especially when it comes to teens and younger users).


Meet the 38mm version of the "most 'Timex' Timex ever made."
timex watch

Designed by Timex design director Giorgio Galli, the S1 Automatic was created to celebrate Timex's commitment to quality, accessibility and smart design. This new 38mm version of that watch features a double-domed sapphire crystal, Miyota 9039 automatic movement and a quick-release rubber strap.


Oliver Peoples' popular Sheldrake goes foldable.
oliver peoples sheldrake glasses
Oliver Peoples

The popular Sheldrake frame from Oliver Peoples goes foldable with the new Sheldrake 1950. Designed to retain the popular features of the original but in a more compact form, this packable Sheldrake style still has a distinctly vintage feel — including five different colors and patterns — just designed to fit in the palm of your hand.


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