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Updates on John Mayer's G-Shock collaboration with Hodinkee, Zwilling's Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)-certified coffee maker and Nanamica's Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

barton watch bands
Barton Watch Bands

It's not often that a group of the largest competing brands come together to make things better for all in that industry, but this might be one of those instances. In an effort to help standardize the "smart home" market, Apple, Amazon and Google are teaming up to create a universal smart home connectivity standard. Dubbed "Matter," the plan is to have this new standard work across devices and brands connecting all smart home objects under one new (open-source) standard. Instead of spending time troubleshooting which devices connect to others (or determining if they run on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or whatever the hell Zigbee and Z-Wave are), all items would use the connection standard of Matter. The exciting thing is that this isn't just another new idea in a market crowded with several other brands' solutions: Aside from Apple, Amazon and Google, this new standard has support from brands like Samsung, iRobot and Signify. What's unique about Matter is that it — like the internet — is an IP-based tech, making it different than something like Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa. There's so much more to dissect in this space (especially as the technology gains traction and proliferates into the market), but this is a major step forward for those on the fence when it comes to turning their house into a "smart home." That's not all we're digging into today, however; whether it's John Mayer's G-Shock collaboration with Hodinkee or Nanamica's upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 collection, this is Today in Gear.

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Transport your timepieces in style with Barton’s Leather Watch Roll.
barton watch bands
Barton Watch Bands

What's the best way to bring our favorite watches with us — without worrying about damaging them in the process? Barton's Leather Watch Roll Travel Case ticks all the boxes when it comes to taking your timepieces on the go. Crafted with eco-friendly recycled leather and four stainless steel snap closures — the exterior is stitched together to be sturdy and hold up under pressure, the interior features a plush microsuede and three removable protective pillows.


Calling all coffee aficionados: Zwilling Enfinigy drip machine earns prestigious SCA Certified Home Brewer mark.
zwilling enfinigy 12 cup coffee maker in silver
Bed Bath & Beyond

For those who don't know, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Certified Home Brewer mark is a sign of differentiation and quality in a crowded coffee brewing market. Earning the lab-tested seal of approval, Zwilling's Enfinigy is to be taken as a top-tier home brewing machine. Detail-obsessed coffee drinkers will take note of the machine's corrosion-resistant stainless steel boiler, wide stainless-steel shower head and integrated drip circulation.


John Mayer and Hodinkee riff once again on the G-Shock DW6900.
g shock ref 6900 pt80 by john mayer
Hodinkee Shop

The second chapter in a collab between Hodinkee and notable celebrity watch collector John Mayer, the pair return to release a limited-edition celebration of the G-Shock DW6900. While the silhouette originally released in 1995, this take on the G-Shock favorite takes inspiration from the mid-80s' Casio PT-80 keyboard, including the color choices for its off-white case, bezel text and "Triple Graph" indicators on the upper half of the watch face.


Cult-favorite Nanamica heads to the beach for upcoming collection.
nanamica collection

Eiichiro Homma's Nanamica is a cult favorite for good reason. A pioneer of blending techy, outdoorsy gear with a contemporary view on style and design, Nanamica is the definition of an "if you know, you know" men's brand. The Spring/Summer 2022 collection is shaped by its “One Ocean, All Lands" philosophy, tapping into both vintage military aesthetics while weaving in wet weather-ready tech like Gore-Tex and the proprietary Alphadry fabric.


Tired of fiddling with the volume between loud and quiet scenes? Polk Audio's new soundbar might have the solution.
polk audio soundbar

We've all been there: scrambling for the remote as a movie pivots from dialogue to action scenes, making the sound go from incomprehensible to deafening in the span of a few seconds. Polk's first-ever Dolby Atmos soundbar, the Signa S4, doesn't just provide an Atmos-like experience, it features proprietary VoiceAdjust — allowing users to mix audio channels on the fly via the Signa's dedicated center channel, raising the volume of only the voice track while keeping other sounds balanced.


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