Today in Gear: Product News to Kick off the New Week

Kicking things off with the revival of PF Flyers, Finisterre's award-winning (and completely biodegradable) jacket and a wintry set of G-Shock watches.

g shock grunge snow camouflage watch series
Michael Kusumadjaja

Happy new year and welcome to 2022! That's what most people will be saying unless... well, you still happen to use a BlackBerry. Starting on January 4 (aka tomorrow), virtually all functions on BlackBerry OS 7.1 or earlier, plus OS 10 devices will be completely turned off. This isn't just isolated to network issues — including Wi-Fi and BlackBerry apps — this also includes crucial functions like calls, texting, data and even 911 emergency services. While BlackBerry has basically been out of the spotlight since it closed down its signature BlackBerry Messenger (better known as BBM) service back in 2019, this major stoppage is a good reminder that as the calendar turns a page forward, a step into a new year often hits hardest among those the tech sector. BlackBerry aside, we're kicking things off with the revival of PF Flyers, Finisterre's award-winning (and completely biodegradable) jacket and a wintry set of G-Shock watches. Welcome to 2022: This is Today in Gear.

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Classic American sneaker brand PF Flyers returns just in time for 2022
pf flyers classic sneakers
P.F. Flyers

Next to Converse, there's few American sneaker brands with as much legacy as PF Flyers (you'll likely remember them as the sneakers worn in The Sandlot). While the brand has existed in some form since 1937, the historic sneaker company was dormant until being revived right at the tail end of 2021. Backed by Kassia Davis (daughter of New Balance chariman Jim Davis), the label will focus on two Chuck Taylor-like silhouettes: the Center Hi and the Center Lo.


Already planning your next vacation? Try this affordable aluminum suitcase.
the essential aluminum carry on

Ask anyone who has a Rimowa (or really, anything designed to mimic one): Aluminum suitcases aren't cheap. Move's Essential Aluminum Carry-On aims to deliver all the benefits of the style — made from aviation-grade aluminum; boasting a hollow-shell design; herringbone patterned scratch-resistant exterior — all for well under $200. (For context, the closest alternative goes for $525).


Make time in the gym easier with Jabra's (affordable) Elite 4 Active fitness earbuds.
jabra ear buds

New year, new fitness goals; it's an inevitability. Make working out a little bit more pleasant with Jabra's Elite 4 Active earbuds, which incorporate active noise cancelling tech, Spotify Tap connectivity and boast IP57-grade water and sweat-resistance. Currently available in the U.K. only at around $160, we're looking forward to when this model hits stateside, where it's likely to be one the best values in the space.


Introducing the ISPO 2021 Gold Award winning, completely biodegradable Finisterre Biosmock.
finisterre biosmock jacket

Effectively designed starting by thinking about the end of the garment's lifespan, Finisterre's Biosmock isn't just resistant to the elements, but is built with materials that will break down on land or sea. Using Primaloft biodegradable yarn in concert with insulation made from HD wool the jacket delivers windproof and waterproof protection in a package that should naturally break down in all the environments you're likely to visit while wearing it.


G-Shock's "Grunge Snow Camouflage" series showcase four new watches.
man wearing g shock camouflage watch series

Released at the tail end of last year, G-Shock launched its "Grunge Snow Camouflage" series, featuring the GAE-2100, DW-5600, GA-2200 and GA-900. As the name implies, these whited-out watches take cues from a snowscape, blending a white resin base with a silver camo patterned overlay. Clear resin index markers are reminiscent of snow crystals. Shop the whole collection down below.


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