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Today in Gear: What’s New, Notable and Releasing Now

Updates on Omega's new Speedmaster, BMW's most powerful electric vehicle and Dell's impressive new XPS Plus 13 laptop.

bmw ix m60 electric car

We know of Sony as a multi-industry electronics company, but as a car manufacturer? That might take some getting used to. Revealing the Vision-S 02 SUV Concept At CES 2022, the SUV is a continuation on Sony's Vision-S 01 sedan revealed back at CES 2020. While the electric Vision-S 02 expands on its predecessor and features details like all wheel drive a top speed of 112 mph, the most important development is the creation of Sony Mobility — an offshoot company that will spearhead Sony's push into the electric vehicle market (something Sony had been cagey about admittedly publicly before). Of course that's not the only news we're looking at today. From BMW's powerful new flagship iX M60 to Dell's bold new XPS Plus 13 laptop, we're talking tech (and a whole lot more). This is Today in Gear.

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Omega opens 2022 with a new Speedmaster release.
omega begins 2022 with a new speedmaster

Celebrating 65 years in 2022, Omega's Speedmaster was originally designed for professional racing, notable for its tachymeter placement on the bezel. Now Omega's dropping a new take in its proprietary 18K Canopus Gold, with a contrasting onyx dial. This Speedmaster also features Calibre 321 movement, which is notable for powering the original Speedmaster in 1957 and ties the release back to the model's impressive heritage.


BMW's iX M60 is the automaker's most powerful electric vehicle.
2022 bmw ix sports activity vehicle

BMW's M performance series has always been a sub-brand within the wider BMW ecosystem. With the line's refocus into electric vehicles, the recently unveiled iX M60 is slated to the line's flagship model of the larger iX lineup. With 280 miles of range, 610 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque, the car is designed to optimize speed, performance and BMW luxury to create a new icon in this rapidly growing space. The model is set to release this June.


Dell goes for a minimalist design on the XPS Plus 13 laptop.
dell laptop

As one of Dell's most popular laptops, the XPS was destined for a refresh. The XPS Plus 13 goes for a minimalist look, opting for an edge-to-edge keyboard that's flush against the body of the laptop, touch bar-like functionality and a wide Gorilla Glass trackpad. With a 4K display and options for OLED display, on top of Express Charge 2.0 (which can bring the computer to 80% battery in less than an hour), it'll be one of the more forward-facing Dell options when it lands this spring. Check out other Dell laptops down below.


Already dreading "Dry January?" Try The Pathfinder.
the pathfinder
The Pathfinder

We know full well that January is a month perfect for stepping away from bad habits and overindulgence. We also know that cutting out our vices is easier said than done. For a cocktail-like experience without the guilt of booze, try The Pathfinder. A fermented and distilled hemp-based liquid, the non-alcoholic spirit takes cues from apothecary recipes of the old American West (and lends itself to mixed drinks with or without booze).


Invisible headphones? Noveto is ready to make a splash at CES 2022
noveto n1 smart speaker

We've never heard (or even thought of, honestly) "invisible headphones", but Noveto is planning to shift the audio paradigm with its flagship N1 product. How does it work? The N1 actively tracks your ears, beaming the ultrasound audio to the listener, resulting in a headphone-like experience for the user and those around them. While the product will be making its debut at Pepcom during CES 2022, we'd be lying if the concept didn't have us pricking up our ears.


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