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Details on an online-exclusive Panerai's Luminor Quaranta, a look at LiveWire's S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle and a preview of Nike's Zoom Fly 5.

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Is the future of condiments paper bottles? It might very well be if Heinz has anything to say about it. As part of an ongoing effort by the condiment king, "to make all packaging globally recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025," Heinz is workshopping a paper bottle, made with help from Pulpex, crafted from, "100% sustainably sourced wood pulp." Given that current Heinz Ketchup bottles are made from plastic or glass, a change like this could have a major impact on waste sites and landfills, especially when considering the size and scope of Heinz's offerings. While there's no timeline on the release of these paper bottles into the wider commercial market, Heinz is actively assessing the performance of these paper-based bottles before bringing them to shelves. Revolutionary recyclable ketchup bottles aside, we've got details on an online-exclusive Panerai's Luminor Quaranta, a look at LiveWire's S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle and a preview of Nike's Zoom Fly 5

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Everything you want, all in one pair of shorts.
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The Serrano 2.0 Active Shorts do it all. Thanks to a casual fit and an eight-inch inseam, they're hyper-comfortable. They're extra-capable too but integrate performance tech subtly and stylishly. The Serrano 2.0 are unlined, yet offer extreme comfort because they're constructed of lightweight, DWR-finished Repreve® recycled polyester with four-way stretch – AKA fibers spun from recycled plastic water bottles and a water-resistant coating.


Panerai's latest Luminor isn't just in a unique shade — it's an online exclusive.
panerai luminor quadrante verde militare watch

Panerai's Luminor Quaranta has already made waves in a few different colorways, thanks to its blend of Swiss tech and Italian design to create a truly distinct dive watch silhouette. Panerai's latest Luminor Quaranta lands in a "Verde Militare" olive green colorway. Featuring the model's signature sandwich dial, this watch is — like other Luminor Quaranta models — powered by Panerai's proprietary P.900 movement and is showcased with a green Alligator strap. Oh, and before we forget, if you want to snag this timepiece, it's firmly online only and limited to 500 pieces.


Is Peloton expanding into rowing machines?
peloton rowing machine

It's no secret that Peloton has been struggling as of late, posting major losses in the first three months of 2022, as it looks to regain its footing as one of the premiere names in the "at-home" workout scene. While its core product has included bikes and treadmills, Peloton has revealed a plan to add rowing machines into the mix. While it definitely won't be first to market (brands like Hydrow have made major strides in bringing rowing machines into the modern home gym), it's a new pivot that may pay off as Peloton continues to search for ways back on top. Check out the teaser announcement below, and stay tuned for more information as it drops.


Harley's LiveWire lineup adds the more affordable S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle.
harley davidson electric motorcycle

It's not going to be the most impressive electric motorcycle in the game, but LiveWire's S2 Del Mar model is worth its reasonable $15,000 price tag (especially compared to the LiveWire One, which retails at $30,000). The S2 Del Mar has a range of 100 city-driving miles, and comes standard with integrated GPS, cell connectivity and built-in charging and power components. While details are still a bit light at the moment, check out the reveal video down below. While there are 100 “Launch Edition” S2 Del Mar models on the street, the official launch will be in spring 2023.


A first look at the latest chapter in Nike's Zoom Fly series.
nike zoom fly sneakers

While it might not be in the same echelon or pack the same amount of Nike racing tech as the Vaporfly and the Alphafly NEXT%, but don't count out the Zoom Fly series. The lineup's fifth iteration shows off a hyper-cushioned ride — thanks to the marshmallow-like, super thick ZoomX sole. If the other aforementioned models are designed for long-distance or marathon running, it's clear that the Zoom Fly 5 will put more focus on shorter distance, casual training and speed runs. With “Push Limits – Break Barriers” printed on the medial exterior, it's clear what the latest chapter of the Zoom Fly series is designed to do.


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