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today in gear june 16 2022 man working out on hydrow rowing machine

This morning, Ferrari announced that by 2026, 60 percent of its product offering will be hybrid or fully electric. The announcement came as part of an investor presentation which also confirmed that the brand’s first fully electric car is still on track to be unveiled in 2025. Ferrari also noted that the model will be rooted in the Prancing Horse’s heritage, and anticipates the car will stand out “across all dimensions: engine power density, weight, sound and driving emotions.” Meanwhile, earlier this week Lightyear (a Dutch-based startup) unveiled the world’s first production car built to run on solar power. Designed with a sleek roof that absorbs daylight, the Lightyear 0 claims users could go months between charges depending on their climate. With today’s innovations challenging new models to do better – and go greener – it will be interesting to see how Ferrari’s model fares in the 2025 landscape. Today we’re looking at a high-tech rowing machine, surf smartwatch, and bourbon-inspired seasoning blends. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to

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Exercise Up to 86% of Your Muscles With One Optimized Workout
sponsored product man working out on hydrow rowing machine

Hydrow was founded by world champion rowing coach Bruce Smith and features beautiful, highly refined equipment that promises a simultaneous strength and cardio workout that's optimized for the human body. Rowing holistically challenges the body and effectively exercises up to 86 percent of your muscles –– with zero impact on the joints –– while offering huge benefits such as improved bone density. Live workouts are broadcast from incredible global destinations but Hydrow also offers a 3000+ workout library from other disciplines like yoga, Pilates and more. Membership only costs $38 per month, and Hydrow can be financed for as low as $70 per month. It's time all 100 percent of you experienced Hydrow: the best workout for humans.


Wave Goodbye to Your Old Smartwatch
garmin instinct® solar watch surf edition

With the Instinct Solar - Surf Edition, Garmin has launched a smartwatch built to help users surf longer – and better. Naturally, the watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters and includes a solar battery, but what really sets it apart is its surf-specific feature set. For example, users can track tide data and record the number of waves, amount of time and total distance surfed. Plus, they can access “Surfline Sessions” to even create a video of every wave they ride in front of a Surfline camera. At $450, this watch is a steep EDC for the casual surfer, but it’s sure to impress a true professional.


Puffco’s Piping Hot Release
the puffco proxy vaporizer

Puffco has launched the ultimate dad vape. The modular new “Proxy” consists of three parts: a glass pipe stem, a removable base and a replaceable chamber. This modular build ultimately allows users to fit the base into what the brand calls an, “ecosystem of compatible Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass” but also encases the convenience of a vape in the nostalgic body of a glass pipe. With four precision heated temperatures, the Proxy appears sleek and incredibly easy to use. And at $300, the vape retails in line with most competitors.


Spice It Up and Make Your Mark
maker’s mark spice blend flight variety pack

Maker’s Mark has teamed up with Spiceology to release a four pack of Maker’s Mark 46-inspired seasoning blends. Taking cues from the signature bourbon recipe, the collaboration centers around classic Americana cooking. Fans can find blends like “The Everything Potato” and “Mom’s Meatballs” in The Maker’s Mark Spice Blend Flight Variety Pack and secure the collection for themselves for just $30.


Meet the New Superbike
norton v4sv motorcycle

The Norton Motorcycle Company calls its new V4SV, “the most luxurious British superbike ever created.” One of the most exciting parts of the re-engineered V4SV is its liquid-cooled, 1,200cc 70° V4 engine. Designed completely in-house, the engine features chain-driven cams, titanium inlet valves, a full drive-by-wire system, and a six-axis IMU-equipped, lean-angle-sensitive traction control system. The motorcycle also features an ample suite of perks like a 6” full-color display, an onboard rearview camera, keyless ignition system and more. Now available in Carbon or Manx Silver color options, fans can preorder the 2023 Norton V4SV Superbike for $53,500.


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