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Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

today in gear july 25 2022 heimplanet’s new inflatable tent

Last week, Outside Inc. launched its flagship NFT; the Outerverse Passport. The "Passport" allows users to access the company's "Outerverse," where fans can find a suite of perks and explore Outside's entire Web3 initiative. Retailing for $225, Outside is only minting 10,000 Passports. Equipped with a Passport, users will be able to shop within a designated NFT marketplace and find discounts on real-world gear and event entries. On top of that, those with an Outerverse Passport will also be able to participate on the company's Discord and receive a three-year O+ membership. With a mix of virtual and real-world benefits, the Outerverse Passport ultimately hopes to get users outside. For now, there are still many Passports up for grabs, so make sure to secure one soon if you hope to continue on into the future Outerverse.

Today we’re taking a look at a new inflatable tent, automatic lawn mower and a limited edition knife. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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Meet Heimplanet’s New Inflatable Tent
heimplanet’s new inflatable tent

Heimplanet has released an inflatable two-person tent. Equipped with 45 square feet of interior space and weighing just 8.3 pounds, the “Kirra” is a packable tent available in either three or four season variants. The tent relies on an Inflatable Diamond Grid airframe, which allows users to simply unroll and inflate the tent. Heimplant claims that with a pump, the tents can be pitched in less than a minute. The Kirra is available now for $850 in three distinct colorways.


Deuter Launches Sustainable, Comfort-Driven Day and Backpacking Packs
man pulling gear out of deuter backpacking pack

For those unfamiliar, Deuter is a German backpack brand known for making durable, high-quality day and backpacking packs. Now, the brand has released a collection of redesigned packs that feature new technology. Packs range from the brand’s new Aircontact Core, which it calls the highest quality, most comfortable backpack in its collection to its first running pack – the Ascender 7L – which offers users all-day comfort when hiking or trail running. Packs in the new collection range from $135 to $250.


Bok Gin is a Detailed Gin Powered by Unique Korean Botanicals
bok gin
Bok Gin

Young Jung hails from the Bay Area, and recently launched Bok Gin to pair with, and evoke, the Korean flavors she grew up with. The spirit is infused with 11 botanicals, including roasted sesame seed, cucumber, ginger, dried kelp, lime peel, mugwort and perilla. The team explains that “Bok” in Korean means fortune, blessing and luck and Jung emphasizes that with this spirit she hopes to, “reach across everyone’s table” to share a “unique spirit that spans cultures and geographies.” The new spirit will be released to the public soon, and fans can click the link below to learn more about its launch.


Finally, a Robot Lawn Mower
worx landroid l 20v robotic lawn mower
Home Depot

There’s a new robot in town – and it can mow your lawn. Think of the Worx Landroid M as a Roomba for your lawn. Depending on the model, the device can mow up to half an acre at a time with the help of a companion app that can map a customized mowing schedule. Thanks to an offset cutting disc, it can mow closer to the edge than other lawn mowers and handle slopes up to 20º. Once it’s done, it’ll automatically head back to its charging base, harnessing advanced obstacle avoidance all the while. The quarter-acre capable device starts at $2,460, while the GPS-equipped, half-acre capable version retails for $3,650.


Swiss Army Releases Limited Edition Picknicker Damast
special picknicker damast limited edition 2022
Swiss Army

The new knife is the thirteenth Damast Limited Edition knife released for cutting –– and collecting. Equipped with a large, resilient Damasteel blade and scales made from pearwood; this release will be limited to 6,000 numbered pieces. The knife boasts 10 tools including a bottle opener, wire stripper, cheese blade and two screwdrivers (7 mm and 3 mm) and currently retails for $375.


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