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Today in Gear: Product News Done Right

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

today in gear august 3 2022 slate dome cocktail smoking kit

Tiffany & Co is teaming up with blockchain tech company Chain to offer CyptoPunk owners a solid, bejeweled version of their ‘punks.’ Each piece will run as a unique 18 karat (rose or yellow) gold pendant set with at least 30 gemstones or diamonds. Initially inspired by the CyptoPunk chain Tiffany & Co. Executive Alexandre Arnault –– and son of Bernard Arnault –– designed himself, the series will be limited to 250 pieces; with each pendant selling for 30ETH (~$50,000). However, today there are nearly 10,000 CryptoPunks in existence. Pricing for the NFT has fluctuated from $77,000 to $23.7 million over the years, though minting was initially free for anyone with an ETH wallet. Today, the cheapest CryptoPunk costs 74.69 ETH (~$124,000). So while a matching pendant will surely be a splurge – it certainly won’t be what breaks the bank.

Today we’re looking at micro-weighted workout gear, a cocktail smoking kit and a new whiskey. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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Workout Gear Worth its Weight in Goals
man wearing omorpho g vest

Meet Omorpho, a new range of micro-weighted workout gear designed to help you push your limits and improve your athletic performance. A clear standout amidst the “Gravity Sportswear,” is the brand’s G-Vest, which weighs in total 8 - 9 pounds depending on the size. Created with 100 percent laminated polyester to synthetic rubber, the vest houses countless stainless steel ball bearings encased inside the material. The weight is naturally distributed to ensure the vest stays comfortable during strength training, hiking or any other workout. Available in two sizes, two colors and for $399 this vest marks a serious new departure for technical activewear.


Barrell Craft Spirits Launches Limited-Edition, 131.5 Proof Whiskey
barrell craft spirits gray label dovetail whiskey
Barrell Craft Spirits

Over the years, Barrell Dovetail has become one of the brand’s most coveted expressions. Now, its BCS Gray Label Dovetail boasts a whiskey finished in rare rum, port and Cabernet barrels. The whiskeys inside were aged for up to 20 years, to achieve a warm amber liquid that rolls robust and impeccably balanced across the palate. On the nose, fans can find green grape, tart apple and pollen notes that give way to fresh-pressed cider aromas. On the palate Allspice, ginger and cola notes transform into a finish dotted with licorice, molasses and a slight minerality. The ester-forward bourbon is now available online and in select retailers, and bears an SRP of $250.


Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em
slate dome cocktail smoking kit

Home bartenders, mixologists and experimental chefs rejoice! Now you can bring home your own cocktail smoking kit to add a little extra drama to all your favorite spirits. Retailing for $120, the kit comes with a slate smoking platform (and serving tray), glass smoking dome, luxury butane torch, three ounce pack of oak whiskey barrel smoking chips and a classic Old Fashioned (i.e. Rocks) glass. This kit makes it easy to sneak smoky, aromatic flavors into new – or time-tested – recipes, and is a gift that is absolutely sure to impress.


Project Flock Lights the Way for Safer Cyclists
person sitting on bike at night with red project flock light
Project Flock

While traditional bike lights allow cyclists fair visibility on the road, to drivers, these cyclists may still appear as objects. That’s why Project Flock is designing “Bio-Motion” bike lights that make cyclists more immediately recognizable as humans. The team explains, “Our brains have the ability to recognise human motion really, really quickly. It’s called Biomotion. Studies have shown that highlighting a person’s biomotion while on a bike allows them to be recognised up to 5.5x sooner than a standard tail light.” The lights shine on one’s pedaling legs to display said Bio-Motion, and will be available for purchase beginning August 16.


Merrell Unveils The 1TRL Hydro Runner
merrell new hydro runner 1trl sneakers

A welcome follow-up to the classic Hydro Moc, the new Hydro Runner from Merrell 1TRL is sure to become your favorite water, summer and every-day shoe. Traditionally, Merrell’s 1TRL label focuses on ‘elevated products’ that harness the ‘performance technology synonymous with Merrell.’ Now, it calls the new shoe an “upgraded take on the iconic Hydro Moc.” Made with 100 percent recycled, integrated EVA midsole the lightweight shoe also features a breathable mesh lining and high rebound EVA foam midsole for added stability and comfort. Fans can find the shoe on the Merrell Australia website today for $150.


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