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Today in Gear: End Your Week Here

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

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Morrisons, a UK-based supermarket has become the very first grocery store to launch its own line of carbon neutral eggs. The launch is part of the company’s overarching goal to become a more sustainable chain, as it hopes to be supplied by solely zero-emissions British farms by 2030. To achieve carbon-neutral status, the eggs are harvested from hens that feed on insects bred (in-house) on food waste from Morrison’s sites. Meanwhile, American brand Kroger signed a deal with Kipster Farms to bring carbon neutral eggs onto its own shelves in late 2022. The Kipster system supplies hens with chicken feed made from surplus food from bakeries and other food producers, and will be trialed on a North Manchester, Indiana farm. So for those who are still years away from building their own chicken coops – carbon-neutral eggs may be closer than you think.

Today we’re looking at a suite of leather desk accessories, a full set of sleeping bags and a hat designed to carry emergency gear. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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Stay Organized – in Leather

Pad and Quill just released a full collection of leather desk pads, mouse pads and organizing trays. The “Leather Tech Desk Series” features organizers built around your charging cords – as well as a full leather cord organizer – and a handy leather balm you can use to restore and refresh your desk accessories. Pieces in the collection retail from $19 to $209, and will look great in any home office or shared workspace.


A Hat Designed to Hold Every EDC
American Hat Makers

The Tactical Extreme - Survival Prepper Sun Hat is lined with a series of deep cargo pockets to offer plenty of storage – and hiding spots – for your favorite gear. Water and windproof, the hat is made with durable insulating mylar material (“designed by NASA for space exploration”) and can retain or reflect back 90 percent of your body heat. The full set comes with a ton of accessories packed into its pockets including a 14 foot fire starter paracord, red flax fire tinder, PE fishing line, compass, whistle, fire starter flint scraper, flashlight, emergency phone charger and survival blanket. Available for $277 from the American Hat Makers website, this piece would make a great gift for any new gearhead.


A Picnic-Friendly Knife Set Built for Life On the Go

Now over 100 years old, French brand Opinel is known for creating reliable, immediately recognizable knives. Its new five-piece Nomad Cooking Kit is no exception, and features a serrated folding knife, corkscrew knife, folding peeler, cutting board and microfiber cleaning cloth that folds into a carry pouch for the full kit. The blades are made with stainless steel and feature the brand’s telltale wooden handles. Built for camping, picnics and cooking outdoors the $85 knife set will make a great addition in every camp kit.


Pangaia Sustainably Dyed Its Re-Color Capsule Collection with Textile Waste

As more and more brands reconfigure their workflows to eliminate – or reuse – waste, Pangaia’s Re-Color Capsule takes another, thoughtful, step in the right direction. The entire collection was dyed with textile waste offcuts, and resulted in the team creating dyes that are ultimately less water-intensive and require no harmful chemicals. Today, dyeing clothing remains one of the most harmful (and carbon-intensive) steps in fashion, and accounts for 25 percent of industrial water pollution. The inventive process is on-brand for Pangaia, whose Lab released the world’s first biofabricated hoodie earlier this year and is currently experimenting with creating dyes from bacteria. The full collection includes pieces that retail for $75 to $175, with five colors available.


Sleeping Bags for the Whole Family
Snow Peak

Snow Peak is making packing for that family camping trip so much easier. Now you can bring home a full set of sleeping bags (four in total) for just $170. Each ‘ultra-soft, cushioned’ sleeping bag is made with 68D polyester and built for spring and summer camping. The sleeping bags are suitable for people over six feet and can be used as a cushion while stored in their container bag. Each storage case also includes an inner pocket for storing phones or other valuables.


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