This Week in Motoring: January 19, 2015

An assassin ex-girlfriend (possibly), a more insane McLaren P1, a rally-prepped Porsche and more.



McLaren P1 GTR Breaks Cover
Three things the McLaren P1 didn’t really need: more power, more aero and more speed. McLaren doesn’t care; the new track-only P1 GTR has all of those things. The only facts they can confirm are that it will be taking a bow at the Geneva auto show in March and that it will have 986 horsepower.

Chris Harris Gets in a Rally-Prepped 911
Some may not know that Porsche has a well developed history in the rally world. After a long absence from the sport, a prepped 997 911 made a debut at the season-opening Monte Carlo rally. Chris Harris was lucky enough to test the rally-ready 911 on center stage.

New Ford GT Breaks the Internet
As far as breaking the internet goes, Ford gave Kim Kardashian a run for her money this week with a surprise reveal of the new Ford GT in Detroit.

Kurt Busch’s Ex-girlfriend Might Be an Assassin
Kurt Bush’s ex-girlfriend is an assassin… allegedly. In a story that’s downright Gone Girl, the NASCAR cup-winner’s legal team is leveraging Patricia Driscoll’s work in defense contracting for Busch’s defense in the courtroom. While there’s no concrete evidence that Driscoll is an assassin per se, Jalopnik posits that it’s not unlikely given her line of work. At any rate, the court has yet to reach a verdict over the domestic assault charge filed against Busch.

Robby Gordon Crashes at 100 mph, Keeps Racing
100 mph crashes in the Dakar Rally usually end in death. Robby Gordon was lucky enough to survive, as was his truck, which only sustained superficial damage. He continued racing, obviously.

Porsche ’15 Le Mans Challenger
The Porsche 919 endurance racer was never going to be a one-off project. And after coming so close to winning Le Mans last year, Porsche’s efforts will be doubled this year: the 2015 Porsche 919 has already been spied testing on track.

Acura Finally Shows New Production NSX
After years of announcements, teasers and concepts, Acura finally gives us a production version of the new NSX.

Detroit 2015: The Cars that Matter
The 2015 North American International Auto Show was a no-holds-barred showing. We’ve selected the most noteworthy cars and trucks of the entire show amid a field of fantastic new vehicles. Learn More

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