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KMH Trac Vision A7

Back Seat Drive? Not When You Can Back Seat Watch.

Back Seat Drive? Not When You Can Back Seat Watch.


It’s no fun having Jeeves drive while you’re sober, if it means missing your shows. Ten years ago, you were living the high life if you had a DVD player in your car. Now the standards have changed. This is America, a.k.a the land of convenience incarnate. You can order your groceries on the internet, hold 30,000 songs in the palm of your hand, and even buy pre-cooked bacon. So, it goes without saying that mobile TV is a must.

Luckily, if you’ve got three G’s and a desire to out-floss virtually everyone else on the road, installing this 5 inch dome on the top of your transport will allow you to access up to 185 channels via Direct TV. This means that you can watch the same episode of SportsCenter over and over again, while in motion, anywhere that satellite reception is available. The dish’s built in GPS also allows for automatic detection of local channels based on your current position.


Better still, if you’re already a Direct TV subscriber, adding a mobile programming package to your account costs only $4.99 a month. Otherwise, you’ll pay $49.99 a month for a mobile-only subscription. Special video equipment is also a non-issue since the A7 is compatible with virtually all factory-installed and aftermarket video systems.

Editor’s Note: As if getting to say that you have satellite TV in your ride isn’t enough, did we mention that Trac Vision also produces tactical navigation systems designed for use in “battle management and weapons systems?” Awesome.

Cost: $2,995 @ KVH.com + Direct TV Subscription.

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