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Want to Rally? Here’s the Gear You Need

The helmet, gloves, shoes, suit and car you need to go rally driving.

Henry Phillips

Once you’ve brushed up on your WRC history, taken your first steps to becoming a rally driver, and learned key driving maneuvers, you’ll be itching to go racing. And, with rally on the rise, there’s never been an easier time to jump in a car and start competing. But, before you become the next Stig Blumqvist, you’re going to need a few essentials; here’s your guide to the ensemble.

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Alpinestars 2015 GP Start Boot Cut Suit


The Body Saver: FIA- and SFI-certified heat-resistant aramidic fiber (kevlar), lightweight and cut for the perfect driving position — this beats anything Tom Ford’s putting out.

Buy Now: $600



The Support System: Invaluable protection from whiplash and strong negative acceleration, the HANS device has become a must-have in any type of motorsport.

Buy Now: $579

Alpinestars 2015 Tech 1-Z

The Manicure Protector: Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Alpinestars combines Nomex fire-resistant construction, leather palms and silicone-accented fingertips into a glove that still feels thin and breathable.

Buy Now: $130

Alpinestars 2015 Tech 1-T


The Pedicure Protector: Like its siblings, the 1-T shoe is FIA certified and heat resistant. It’s also ultra lightweight and has a grippy sole, which makes heel-toeing a breeze.

Buy Now: $270

Team O’Neil Ford Fiesta ST

The Main Event: About as good of a two-wheel-drive rally car as there is right now, the race-prepped Fiesta boasts a strengthened chassis, FIA-spec roll cage, sequential gearbox and adjustable suspension (among other highlights).

Buy Now: $150,000

Stilo WRC DES Carbon

The Backup Plan: Snell rated, HANS prepped and microphone boom integrated (that’s Stilo’s trademark), this helmet provides everything you need, nothing you don’t. Or, if you want to meet the super strict FIA 8860 certification that’s used in WRC and F1, you’ll have to hand over an extra $6,000 for the WRC DES ZERO

Buy Now: $1,799

Team O’Neil Arrive and Drive


The Logistics: Includes a rental car, crew, accommodations, tires, fuel and post-event re-prep.

Buy Now: $18,000-$25,000

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