Toyota TRD Tacoma | GP Hits The Trails

Biff Tannen, Eat Your Heart Out!


Toyota recently set the Gear Patrol crew loose amongst the hills of the Cleveland National Forest in California for some off-roading with a pack of their latest trail-worthy vehicles. We got behind the wheel(s) of new FJ Cruisers and Tundras, and a Toyota TRD Tacoma. All performed flawlessly, but the TRD Tacoma stole the show as the clear alpha dog.

Plenty of photos and more info on the Toyota TRD Tacoma, a pick-up that the modern day Marty McFly would use to take Jennifer to the lake.

First, lets get out of the way that the Toyota TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Tacoma is one badass pickup. Of this there is no doubt. It is not made to help your friend move apartments and/or haul leaves on the weekends. No, this Tacoma is made to roar up, over, and through trails that make most “off-road ready” vehicles wet their (car based) undercarriages. The TRD Tacoma is equipped with a myriad of TRD components, including:

  • ARB front bumper
  • Rear Locking Differentials
  • Warn Winch
  • Bud Built Full Skid Plates
  • Demello Off-Road Rear Bumper
  • Revtek 2” Lift Kits (Spacers and an add-a-leaf)
  • CB Radio
  • TRD and Trail Teams Graphics
  • 285/75R16 BFG A/T Tires
  • TRD Supercharger

    The ravenous TRD Supercharges gives the Tacoma 68 extra horsepower above the already robust stock configuration, and easily qualifies as the best, if not most fun, mod. Listening to the addictive supercharger whine, was a constant Siren song reminding you that you were behind the wheel of a 300+ horsepower mid-size off road pickup and tempting you to make bad decisions. Sadly, winding trails abutting cliffs don’t provide optimal conditions to unleash all 304 HP so we’re already clamoring to get another test drive, perhaps this time in the dunes.

    The Toyota TRD Tacoma is be the perfect vehicle for what we envision marketers calling “active”. Whether this guy is the type that tows his own ski (or fishing) boat, hauling MotoX bikes, or bombing muddy trails extended the suspension articulation to the max, this ride is ready to go. Oh, and did we mention that the Tacoma is manufactured right here in America? That’s right, this beast is fabricated in California (soon to be Texas), proving that high-quality, long-lasting vehicles can still be made in the good ole U S of A. Paying attention, Detroit (and Biff Tannen)?

    2010 Toyota TRD Tacoma Off Road Gallery

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