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This Week in Motoring: May 4, 2015

Josh Sheehan does a triple backflip on a dirt bike, Stirling Moss throws shade, Kris Meeke scores his first-ever WRC podium and more.



Kris Meeke Claims Maiden WRC Win
Kris Meeke had to fight back tears on the podium in Argentina. After he scored his first-ever WRC podium, the fourth Brit to ever do so in the sport, he dedicated the victory to the late, great Colin McRae: “What can I say? It’s been an exceptionally long road. This one’s for Colin.” nbcsports.com

A Royal Coup at Porsche
Ferdinand Piech was forced to resign as CEO of Porsche after trying to oust his rival, Martin Winterkorn. Beyond the fact that he publicly backed Winterkorn while working behind the scenes to remove him, no one is sure as to what exactly transpired. It should be noted Piech is a direct descendant of Ferdinand Porsche, the founder the German sports car company. economist.com

Stirling Moss is Throwin’ Shade
“Lewis is really interested in music, not driving.” Those are the words of the great Striling Moss, describing reigning F1 champ Lewis Hamilton. Moss went on to say Hamilton is not yet one of the greats, ranking him lower than Vettel. theguardian.com

Seven-Year-Old with Leukemia Gets Dream Ride
The Bugatti Veyron is an iconic dream car that most will never even see in person, let alone drive. With the help from Make-a-Wish Foundation, Michael Hollis, a seven-year-old diagnosed with leukemia, was able to realize his dream and got to ride along in one. foxsports.com

Audi Reinvents “The Miracle of Life”
If there’s one piece of media that never needed a reboot, it’s “The Miracle of Life”. Audi apparently never got that message, because they just made a video of an R8 violently giving birth to an RS3. If you’ve just eaten, watch it later. jalopnik.com

Josh Sheehan Completes First MX Triple Backflip
In the world of action sports, boundaries are being pushed every day: insane tricks, new records and then some. But Josh Sheehan completing the first triple backflip on a dirt bike is the single most impressive trick in recent memory, no doubt cementing Sheehan’s place as one of the greats in extreme sports history. youtube.com

Tesla Unveils The Powerwall
Tesla makes awe-inspiring, environmentally-friendly sports cars. And now batteries for your home. Read The Story
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