The Most Powerful Cars We’ve Ever Driven

The Nissan Cube wasn’t our most thrilling test drive, but the Ferrari F12 was pretty darn fun.



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The first car that Gear Patrol ever reviewed was a 2009 Nissan Cube. Bradley Hasemeyer described the asymmetric wonder as a “brick on wheels”, and the video review inexplicably featured a cameo from the cars editor of the University of Alabama Crimson White. As far as power was concerned, its 122 horsepower was inevitably characterized as “slowwwww.” In the intervening years, GP has driven more cars than we could possibly list (plus a tank and a John Deere riding mower) and horsepower numbers are heading in the right direction. Our most powerful car, the Ferrari F12, left the GP garage just a few days ago and the sum total of horsepower being used during the week of this story is nudging up against 4,000. Let’s take a look back at some of the most (and least) powerful vehicles GP has ever driven.

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