Maserati Architectural Garage

The Garage of Manhood Dreams


As you have your inevitable adult Ferris Bueller moment, perhaps you should read more about the Architectural Garage contest winner. Earlier this year, Maserati ran a nationwide contest to uncover the finest architectural garage or basically what amounts to the coolest. Their winner certainly qualifies as pretty damn cool because Los Angeles (of course it would be LA), resident Holger Schubert’s 1,200 square foot mecca to 4-wheeled motion is flat out stunning.


Literally, conceived as a shrine to the beauty of fine automobiles, the concept of a garage was turned inside out, focusing more on enjoying the beauty of a vehicle rather than stuffing it in a dark garage alongside, well, garage stuff. The dramatically lit vehi-stage resides on the upper floor of a mid-century ranch style home where one enters through a glass paneled driveway bridge. There you’ll not only find a dramatically lit (from both the natural sunlight and painstaking lighting), but also a couch, slide-away TV, fireplace, and a rooftop with 47 solar panels that generate more power than the entire home and garage consume.

Before you wonder “what about the exhaust?”, know that Schubert already thought that through. A flush 8’x12′ sandblasted aluminum grating (where the car resides) hides a 9′ steel ramp that can be raised five inches by remote to create a slope to easily slide the car out in neutral and started outdoors.

Read (and see) more of the Maserati, Architectural Digest Garage

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