This Week in Motoring: January 25, 2016

The WRC season kicked off, JLR gives the F-Type more power, the new TVR breaks cover and more.

Rallye Monte Carlo 2016
Helena El Mokni

The WRC season kicked off, JLR gives the F-Type more power, the new TVR breaks cover and more.

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New Year, New TVR

The first rendering of the new TVR, set to come out in 2017, appeared online. All 300 examples of the yet-to-be-named car have been spoken for with deposits. Though money was put down without having even seen the car, prospective buyers had faith in designer Gordon Murray, of McLaren F1 fame. And he did not disappoint.

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Picking Up Where They Left Off

Sebastien Ogier continued his WRC success by opening up his 2016 title defense with a win at Monte Carlo. If their performance from this weekend’s rally is any indication, it looks like it’s going to be another year dominated by Volkswagen.

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Morgan Goes Green

Morgan Motor Company has announced they will be introducing hybrid powertrains by 2019. For a sports car company that still makes their cars on wooden frames, it’s hard to say whether this technology is a logical step for Morgan or if it came out of left field. Either way it will be interesting to see if the company sticks to their tried-and-true BMW V8’s.

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Jaguar F-Type SVR

It was only a matter of time before JLR’s Special Vehicles department got their hands on the F-Type. With the expected power bump and extra aero, the top-tier F-type is expected to hit at least 200 mph.

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Bond’s Wheels Up for Grabs

Christie’s will auction off one of the Aston Martin DB10s produced for SPECTRE. Most of the cars seen on film were gutted to fit cameras and roll-cages for stunts, but two examples were held back as show cars, with one going into Aston Martin’s Heritage Center and the other heading to auction. It’s expected to fetch between $1.4 million and $2 million, but for that you’re getting a one-of-two coach-built Aston Martin DB9.

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Seinfeld Gets Coffee with Gary Shandling

Gary Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld go way back. Their careers nearly parallel each other right from their first standup gigs at the Comedy Store.

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The Guide to Flying Premium Economy

To improve your flight experience, opt for some of these enhanced economy options on your next trip. Read the Review

The Find

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Restored 1968 Airstream Safari

In the spirit of the Travel Issue, this restored ’68 Airstream seem too apropos. The mirror-finish aluminum housing, wooden countertops and pea-soup green carpeting make it appear period correct, but the Bluetooth hi-fi sound system, 32-inch LCD TV and LED ambient lighting bring it comfortably up to date.

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65K-Mile 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera G50 Targa

There are few better “driver’s cars” than the Porsche 911. So what better way to experience the open road and your favorite set of switchbacks than in a Targa. All you need is a tow hitch for the Airstream.

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Noteworthy Reads

Motoring Stories from Around the Web

The Nissan Skyline R34 400 is the stuff of legend. Most famous for gracing the cover of Gran Turismo and just being an all-around iconic car, Evo Magazine recently got the chance to flog one around the country side.

Of all the car meetups and vintage races, the Goodwood Revival has no equal. To take part in the race brings equal parts giddy and nerve-racking excitement, especially when it’s not your rare vintage car going wheel to wheel.

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