This Week in Motoring: February 8, 2016

Renault returns to F1, a very expensive Ferrari California, the Cadillac ELR dies and more.


Renault returns to F1, a very expensive Ferrari California, the Cadillac ELR dies and more.

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Paint It Black

Back on the grid as a factory team for 2016, Renault has revealed its racing livery for 2016, a classic Renault yellow-on-black design, albeit on last year’s E23 chassis.

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New ‘Top Gear,’ New Friends

It may seem like a random choice to cast Matt LeBlanc as the third host of the “new” Top Gear, but in reality LeBlanc is a serious car guy. Not only is he a self-professed lover of Porsches, but he’s also the fastest celebrity to ever turn a wheel in “old” TG’s reasonably priced car.

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Farewell to Scion


Scion, Toyota’s attempt to market to young, hip new car buyers, has gone the way of Pontiac. Upon launch the brand was pretty successful, but quickly lost steam. Existing models are planned to be rebadged as Toyotas, hopefully injecting some sort of energy into the generally dull brand.

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Another One Bites the Dust

Following a pretty awful marketing campaign and less-than-stellar sales, Cadillac has killed off the ELR. With the relatively successful Chevy Volt and impending Chevy Bolt, the ELR was just too upmarket to be any sort of success.

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Hot Laps and Hypermiling

Bosch has developed an active accelerator pedal that informs the driver when to change gear via a vibration or slight kickback. The haptic feedback alerts the driver when the pedal is at the optimal position for efficiency and hypermiling. But in the performance application, of course, means better shifts and lower lap times.

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A Very Expensive Third Pedal

Ever since Ferrari stopped making any of their cars with analog manual, it was only common sense that the last of the manual Ferraris would be collector’s items. Case in point: a Ferrari California, one of the least desirable Ferraris in recent history, just sold for $435,000.

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Reviews and Buying Guides

Advice from the Crew

A Made-from-Scratch Shot at Full-Size American Luxury

Cadillac’s flagship CT6 matches intelligence with wit. Read the Story

Putting Four Premium Car Audio Systems to the Test

Listening to first-rate systems from Burmester, Naim, Meridian and Mark Levinson. Read the Story

The Find

What to Buy, Now

Just when the Northeast’s snow started to melt, we got dumped on again. With that age-old weather pattern destined to repeat itself, the roads won’t be nice and neat for another few months. That’s where the “winter beater” comes in, and this 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 4WD is a shining example.

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When car companies pull the plug on certain brands, it usually means the end for said brands. Full stop. But with the Scion name all but buried, the existing Scion models will be re-badged as Toyotas. This simple re-badging could inject much needed life back into Toyota.

The rebirth of the DMC and the DeLorean have grabbed the lion’s share of headlines lately. But certain ’80s icons deserve some TLC too. Take Spencer Canon of Ritte Cycles (who, oddly enough, looks like Freddie Mercury) and his Lotus Esprit.

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