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This Week in Motoring: April 18, 2016

Applications open for the Ford GT, the Tesla Model S gets a facelift, Motor Trend speculates on the Apple Car and more.


Applications open for the Ford GT, the Tesla Model S gets a facelift, Motor Trend speculates on the Apple Car and more.

So You Think You Can Own a Ford GT?


Ford has officially opened up the application process for potential Ford GT buyers. It’s not enough just to be able to afford the car’s $450,000 asking price — you also need to assure the company you’ll be the ideal Ford GT owner. The application asks individuals if he or she is a “public influencer,” the holder of a racing license or a previous Ford owner, among other questions. Our guess is it won’t help much if you’ve got a Twitter account that can’t crack 100 followers, incredible Forza skills and a ’94 Tempo, but at the very least you can play with Ford’s online configurator.

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The Tesla Gets a Facelift, Loses Part of Its Face


The Tesla Model S has gotten its first big styling update since it launched in 2012. The biggest change is the removal of the faux grille, making the Model S’s design language cohere more with the grille-less Model X and upcoming Model 3. Tesla also upgraded the standard charging system from 40 amps to 48, allowing for quicker recharges, and made the HEPA-rated cabin air-filtration system (a feature on the Model X) an available option.

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Think Speculatively


Motor Trend brought together a group of designers from Pasadena’s ArtCenter College of Design to visualize what the long-rumored Apple Car might be like, based on speculation and industry trends. The exercise hasn’t been well received, and other media outlets have been quick to criticize it for being both (A) misleading and (B) unimaginative.

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Fit for a King


Audi built a 20.9-foot-long, six-door, six-seat limo version of its already long Audi A8L that’s capable of hitting 62 mph in 7.1 seconds. The car is seemingly just a one-off for the King of Norway, though reports suggest Audi will build more for interested parties.

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No Limits, No Problem


Since the speed limits at the Nürburgring have been lifted, Koenigsegg has announced that its One:1 hypercar will return to the track. The company says it doesn’t plan to set any records any time soon, but with a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds and a theoretical top speed of 273 mph, don’t be surprised if it “accidentally” does.

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Rosberg Escapes Chaos in China


Despite half a dozen collisions on the first lap and a safety car, Rosberg managed to secure his third win from three races in 2016. Hamilton damaged his car in the first-lap chaos and suffered the rest of the race as a result, finishing in seventh. And after a near miss with Kyvat and a bump with his teammate, Vettel was able to save his race and come home in second. It was actually Kyvat’s daring first corner dive up the inside of Vettel that set him up to win third place along with the second podium of his career.

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