What Is Ken Block Doing With a 1,400-Horsepower Twin-Turbo Mustang?

Ken Block is taking his AWD ’65 Mustang out of storage and adding two turbos.

When Ken Block tore L.A. a new one with his 845-horsepower “Hoonicorn” all-wheel-drive Mustang in Gymkhana Seven, he set the bar pretty high for himself. Although Gymkhana Eight was set in the streets of Dubai, and Nine featured his new 600-horsepower Focus RS RX rallycross car, neither could outdo the incredible scenery and stunts of Seven. Which may be the reason Block has added some tasteful modifications to his famous chopped-and-dropped ’65 Mustang.

Along with a new reflective paint job complete with an American flag hood, Block has added not one, but two free-breathing turbo chargers, bumping the V8 up to a healthy 1,400 horsepower. Why? We’re not quite sure at the moment — but in his Facebook Live reveal, Block mentioned needing the forced induction for “high altitude.” Is he taking a stab at a race like Pikes Peak? Or is Gymkhana Ten finally going to be the one to outshine Seven, with the Alps or Himalayas as a backdrop?

Watch the launch video below for a detailed rundown of the car from Mr. Block himself.

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