Don’t Know What’s Wrong with Your Car? There’s an App for That

Automatic Lite diagnoses your car troubles and directs you to the nearest mechanic.


Few things in your car are less helpful than the “check engine” light. A single light lets you know something is wrong, but it could either be as simple as a loose fuel filler cap or as annoying as a faulty oxygen sensor, or anything in between. The Automatic app and Lite adapter make for a simple way to cut out the stress.

We’ve written about the more expensive, 3D-connected Pro version of this gizmo before. The Automatic Lite is the company’s low-cost option — it plugs into the ODB-II outlet under your dash and diagnoses the problem if and when the “check engine” light comes on. The results will appear on the app on your phone; the app can then direct you to the nearest mechanic. It also accesses your car’s software to track mileage, trips and local gas prices to help you keep track of personal and business expenses. Honestly, it’s what the “check engine” light should’ve been all along.

Buy Now: $80

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