2010 Palatov DP4 Super Go-Kart Kit



Any previous exposure you’ve had with go-karts most likely revolved around the kiddy two-seater you raced through the streets of your neighborhood or on an amusement park track. We’re sure that was fun back in the day, but the experience provided by the 2010 Palatov DP4 Super Go-Kart sits on an entirely different plane. To see a video of this bad boy racing and learn more about it, keep reading on the next page.

Created by Oregonian Dennis Palatov, his personal version of this Bugatti-meets-The Little Rascals is powered by a turbocharged 300hp motorcycle engine, making it fast enough to blow the clothing off of unsuspecting bystanders. Its super sleek frame is also crafted with aircraft-grade chromoly steel tubing, providing stability while still keeping the cart’s overall weight to around 800-900lbs. The result is super car-like performance in a package that would make the whole Mario Kart cast drooling. Probably the coolest thing about the 2010 DP4 though is that you can purchase a build-it-yourself kit to create your own for a cool $25,900 (which includes GSXR-1000 engine). Alternatively, you can shell out almost double that ($50,610) for a pre-built, 800lb, all-wheel drive version packing a 1400cc 200HP turbocharged Hayabusa engine. To check out how this beast performs, watch the video below.

Buy Now: $25,900-$50,610

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