B Yachts B30

Stowaway Stunner


Measuring 32 feet, the B Yacht B30 is the creation of Luca Brenta and Lorenzo Argento. Built specifically for sailing enthusiasts and a spectacle of marvel of crisp, modern simplicity, the B30 ($125,000) pivots around a unique hallmark feature: single-handed operation. It is further enhanced by a massive ballast ratio that emparts operators with a feeling of uncanny stability normally found in larger boats. The B30’s hull and deck are completely made of carbon fiber over an epoxy-resin sandwich core and utilizes a Lico spar mast, but shhh… the craft is even equipped with a diesel Volvo engine for weary sailors. Like other Italian machinations, the B30 lacks nothing in the inspiration department — we can’t help but find ourselves brushing the cobwebs off our summer sailing lessons and searching for the nearest warm-weather port of call.

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