Lancia Stratos GT2 Concept

Get rally for it


Here’s a little history. During the 1970’s and 80’s the Lancia Stratos planted a firm stake in rally racing with its ground-up design which was solely intended for the grueling competition. The Stratos’ unique short and wide design, perfect for rallying, was further etched into history by unique bodywork designed by Bertone’s head designer. Over the next two decades it proved its chops winning a trove of rally races and quickly ascended to an icon (it appeared in Moonwalker) intensified by its limited production. Only 492 were ever made.

The Lancia Stratos GT2 Concept you see above (model, really: it’s 1:8th scale) is the creation of Chris Hrabalek and recently revealed as a modern recreation of the original. There are tentative plans to build 25 and even a GT2 racing version to take on the punishing 24 Hours of Nurburgring race, but only time will tell. You may never get your behind the wheels of a real one, but nothing is keeping you from taking some time today to daydream about pulling a perfect Scandinavian Flick. In case you’re looking for your own FAO Schwartz moment, the model can be purchased for $4,700.

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