This Is the New Rolls-Royce SUV, Way Before You’re Supposed to See It

It’s code named the Cullinan after the largest diamond ever discovered.

It’s been known for quite some time Rolls-Royce would be venturing into the SUV market by 2018. But in all honesty, Rolls’ cars are big enough that you could say they’re essentially there already. Now, thanks to some spy shots that have surfaced — showing Rolls-Royce doing some winter testing in Sweden — we have the best look at the biggest Roller yet.

The pre-production code name Rolls has given it is Project Cullinan, which the gemology aficionados will notice is the name of the largest diamond ever discovered — classic Rolls Royce. As for pricing, expect it to rival the $250,000 Bently Bentayga, if not completely dwarf it. In the power department, Rolls-Royce’s V12 is the obvious choice; whether or not it’ll pack hybrid power as well is still anyone’s guess. But since it’s expected to be 18 feet long (or more), there’s no way the Cullinan will be a lightweight. So it will need all the power it can get.

The titanic Rolls-Royce SUV is expected to hit customer driveways by 2018, but we might even see it in the metal at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show next month.

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