Do Yourself a Favor and Download This Vintage Drag Racing Wallpaper

Not all of the photos we take make it online. Now, our cutting room floor is available for you to download as wallpaper.

Bryan Campbell

Editor’s Note: Going on worldly adventures, witnessing incredible moments and sharing it all with you, our readers, is a passion of ours. And, regrettably, for the small handful of images we’re able to show you with each story we publish, countless others, though beautiful and deserving of admiration, don’t make the cut. That’s why we’re turning our cutting room floor into your new source for desktop and phone wallpaper.

“Just yards from the boardwalk, in Wildwood, New Jersey, a ’34 Ford hot rod and what looks like a cast iron bath tub with wheels and an engine line up, pointing down the beach. An announcer perched up in a lifeguard tower introduces each racer over the loudspeaker, then hands the attention over to the flag girl — a pretty blonde in white cut-off Harley-Davidson Service overalls, standing barefoot in the sand between the two rumbling cars. Revs peak, the flag drops, sand flies, and the cars tear down the 1/8-mile seaside drag strip. This is the Race of Gentlemen.” Bryan Campbell, from Hot Rod Racing on the Beaches of Wildwood

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