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Found: 5 Vintage Toyotas That Prove Toyota Used to Give a Damn

It seems like Toyota has given up, but it hasn’t always been like this.


Editor’s Note: We love scouring the internet for reasons to spend money we don’t have on cars we daydream about owning, and these are our picks this week. All prices listed are bid amounts at the time of publishing.

Directing a sharp “they don’t make ’em like they used to” at Toyota is an easy jab. The current Corolla is uninspired, the Land Cruiser lost the plot some time ago and the Camry is just a scaled-up Corolla (and just as dull). The ForeRunner is clearly the company’s modern overlander, but it’s completely underrated. The GT86 should Toyota’s flagship on fun-factor alone, yet they hardly put any energy into the new model. Lexus gets all the attention and all the good stuff. It’s like Toyota has given up. But it hasn’t always been like this. It used to give a damn.

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40

What we like: A BJ40 in incredible condition, like this one, will fetch a lot more than the opening bid — but aren’t you glad you’re one of the first to find this gem?
From the seller: This beautiful Toyota Land cruiser BJ40 3.0L diesel is in stunning condition, imported directly through our contacts from Japan and fully restored to the highest of standards with a totally original factory interior.

Mileage: 73,321
Location: Tipperary, Ireland

Bid Now: 1,000

1994 Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo Targa Top

What we like: Completely unaltered Supras of this generation are absolute unicorns. If you want to remember the ’90s exactly as they were, this is the car you want.
From the seller: Completely bare-bones stock with the original 3.0-liter I6 2JZ GTE Twin Turbo Engine.

Mileage: 48,987
Location: Naperville, Illinois

Bid Now: $69,999

1977 Toyota Celica GT

What we like: Before the Celica turned into a front-wheel-drive waste of space and the default first car for every high school cheerleader in America, it was actually considered the Japanese Mustang.
From the seller: Very low, original mileage. Originally silver, painted yellow with door jambs done properly. You could fly in and drive this car home. This vehicle will not disappoint.

Mileage: 69,324
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bid Now: $12,000

1986 Toyota MR2

What we like: The original MR2’s mission was to be fun to drive and return good fuel economy, which it succeeded at doing. Why couldn’t the Prius do the same?
From the seller: This 1986 Toyota MR2 has just 23K miles and is largely unmodified apart from a set of dealer-installed Riken wheels and window tint. The car has been with the seller for nearly two years and has been driven about twice a month during that time.

Mileage: 23,000
Location: Calabasas, California

Bid Now: $8,200

1990 Toyota Crown Super Select

What we like: If Toyota built this car according to today’s standards and called it the Camry, all would be forgiven.
From the seller: Built on the rear-wheel-drive S130 chassis for its eighth generation, the Crown was Toyota’s luxury offering for the Japanese domestic market. Powered by a 2.0-liter twin cam inline-six, this example was acquired recently by the selling dealer and is described as an unusually equipped car.

Mileage: 28,000
Location: Amagasaki, Japan

Bid Now: $1,750

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