These 10 Car Companies Inspire the Most Loyalty

Which carmakers do the best job keeping their customers when it's time to upgrade? J.D. Power conducted a survey to find out.

toyota land cruiser and subaru outback

Every automaker wants to sell you a car. But their ultimate goal is greater: to keep you coming back in the future, particularly when you'll need to level up to something bigger and more expensive. So what brands are doing the best job of that? J.D. Power conducted its 2020 Automotive Brand Loyalty Study to find out.

Toyota and Hyundai Motor Group should be pleased with the results, as should the notoriously-proud-of-their-brand-loyalty people at Subaru — which, if you remember, is the only car company that gives owners a free badge to show which Subie they're on by now. Newly formed Stellantis (the official name of the just-merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the PSA Group) may not be. While Ram ranked near the top, the three lowest brands were Fiat, Chrysler and Dodge. Maserati was also among the worst ranking luxury brands. (You can see the entire study's results here.)

Below are the study's top 10 automotive brands, ranked by the percentage of their owners that stayed with the same marque and traded in their existing rides for new vehicles wearing the same badge.

Subaru (60.5%)

subaru crosstrek sport gear patrol lead featured

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Toyota (60.3%)

which 2021 toyota supra gear patrol ambiance

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Honda (58.7%)


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Ram (57.3%)

2020 ram 1500 gear patrol full lead

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Ford (54.3%)

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Kia (51.3%)

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Chevrolet (49.1%)

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Lexus (48%)

2017 lexus lx

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Mercedes Benz (47.8%)

2021 mercedes amg e 63 s

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Hyundai (47.4%)

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