The Greatest Sports Car France Ever Made Is Back

It’s back. And it’s about damn time.

The airwaves have been relatively quiet since Renault dropped the teaser video of the newest Alpine sports car back in December, but now Renault has gifted us with official photos of the A110 redux, in all its glory.

From what is known, the A110 has all the right ingredients for an ideal sports car: it’s lightweight at around 2,400 pounds, and it has a 300 horsepower, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine mounted midship to push it all around. Sadly, there’s no manual option to speak of (don’t hold your breath); just a dual-clutch transmission. Make no mistake: considering all the aforementioned stats, the A110 is putting the Alfa Romeo 4C squarely in its sights.

As for the price, that’ll be established next week when the A110 makes an appearance at the Geneva Auto Show, where we’ll also hopefully find out if this gorgeous sports car will make its way Stateside. Fingers crossed that it’ll show up at Renault-owned Infiniti or Nissan dealerships.

The Competition

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