This Gorgeous Vintage Mustang? It's All-Electric, and Based on a Tesla

Who needs a Mustang Mach-E when you can have this sultry electric muscle car?

aviar motors r67 prototype
Aviar Motors

Last year, Ford stirred up some controversy by expand the Mustang brand — not just to an electric car, but an electric crossover: the Mustang Mach-E. For some, that was sacrilege, and no amount of Ken Block hooning will convince them otherwise. But if you’re open to electric propulsion but want something that hews a little closer to Mustang tradition, we may have found the EV for you.

Russian company Aviar Motors has produced the R67 prototype, which it's calling the “first electric muscle car.” It combines a body that looks startlingly like a first-generation Mustang (enough so that Ford lawyers will probably have a good long look at it) with the electric bones of a Tesla Model S.

aviar motors r67 prototype rear
Aviar Motors
aviar motors r67 prototype interior
Aviar Motors

The spec sheet is super impressive. The R67’s dual-motor setup will reportedly put out 840 hp and deliver a 0-62 mph time of 2.2 seconds. Aviar says it can achieve a top speed of 155 mph and a potential range of 315 miles, which may be a tad lower under EPA testing. It’s also still a Tesla inside, so you get the 17-inch touchscreen and access to the Tesla Supercharger network.

Aviar’s website leaves out some key details, such as when the R67 will go into production...where you'll be able to buy it...and how much it'll cost. (But you can inquire here, if you want.) The current Model S the R67 is based on starts at $94,990, so don’t expect it to be cheap.

If you love the idea of the R67 but would want something Ford-sanctioned, don’t give up all hope of that ever happening. We’ve seen companies like Aston Martin and Volkswagen toy with electrifying their back catalog of vintage cars. And it’s something we may see more manufacturers try, especially as EV batteries get smaller.

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