11 Weird-Looking Cars That Are Definitely Making Faces at You

We know cars are inanimate objects with no personalities, but we could swear these ones are giving us weird looks.

fisker karma
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Humans often suffer from a tendency called pareidolia — in plain English, recognizing shapes, patterns or faces in inanimate objects. One place where this commonly happens is with cars: the headlights become eyes, the grille becomes a mouth (possibly nostrils or a mustache if split), the logo becomes a nose, etc. We can't help but see a face, even if we know there isn't one there.

Below are 10 cars that aren't really making faces at you, because, y'know, cars aren't alive and don't have personalities. But they certainly look like they could be.

Austin-Healey Sprite Mark I (1958–1961)

The Austin-Healey Sprite boasted the nickname "Bugeye." It's not hard to figure out why.

BMW M135i xDrive (2019–Present)

bmw m135i xdrive

The BMW M135i xDrive has the grin of a car that clearly knows it is packing one of BMW's best engines.

Cadillac Lyriq (TBA)

cadillac lyriq rear of car

The Lyriq may be the new face of Cadillac, but it's the rear that's giving you a big, robotic grin.

Chrysler PT Cruiser (2001–2005)

chrysler pt cruiser

The original PT Cruiser made some interesting design choices. One of them was the grille below the bumper, which resembles a grin that says, "I just raided the Monopoly bank while you were using the restroom."

Fisker Karma (2011–2012)

fisker karma
2012 Fisker Karma
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Fisker built the future back in 2011, a plug-in-hybrid performance sedan...that, for some reason, looked like Groucho Marx.

Lotus Elise Series 2 (2001–2011)

2005 lotus elise
2005 Lotus Elise
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Lotus followed its motto to simplify, then add lightness...then it told this Elise to grin for a picture.

Mazda 5 (2012–2015)

mazda 5

The last-generation Mazda 5 had a six-speed manual transmission option and a face that looked exceedingly happy when you walked into the garage.

McLaren P1 (2013–2015)

mclaren p1 with toy mclaren p1 cars

The McLaren P1 was a limited-run, 900-horsepower hybrid monster that has the exact look on its face you'd expect to see on someone who can afford a McLaren P1.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept (2014)

mini paceman adventure

The Mini Paceman grimaced its way through its brief existence — at no time more fittingly than when Mini turned it into a Subaru Baja-style ute.

Rolls Royce Phantom VII (2003–2008)

2004 rolls royce phantom
2004 Rolls Royce Phantom
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This Rolls-Royce Phantom is clearly unimpressed. The only question is whether it's with your investment portfolio, your résumé or your general demeanor.

Toyota Highlander (2020–Present)

toyota highlander front
Tyler Duffy

We're not sure what you did wrong, but the new Toyota Highlander is incredibly disappointed in you.

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