This Tiny Off-Road Camping Trailer Packs Nearly as Many Features as an RV

Mobi's tiny trailer offers a bathroom, a kitchen, and sleeping for up to six people.

mobi x camping trailer

Camping is always a game of compromises. Until the day comes where we can attach Tony Stark-spec repulsors to our houses and float them around to remote sites, spending time in the great outdoors will always require giving up some comforts. How many of these you sacrifice is a function of many factors: budget, space, and so forth.

If you're okay bringing a stripped-down version of many of your home's crucial amenities with you while overlanding through nature, however, Mobi Nomad's Mobi X camping trailer might be exactly what you're looking for.

The Mobi X is a tiny thing when set up in roaming mode: just a bit more than 12 feet long, less than five and a half feet wide, and about six-feet-three-inches from ground to rooftop. Once you stop, however, the center slides out to transform the interior into a cozy sleeping cabin for two, while also revealing ample storage space to the outside. A compact kitchen is built into one side of the exterior, while the other side boasts a window to give interior occupants a morning view.

mobi nomad mobi x camping trailer
Mobi Nomad

From the camper also extends an entire room-sized tent, which pulls double duty: it can serve as the bathroom, thanks to a portable toilet and an outdoor shower (fed, like the sink, by the trailer's on-board 39.7-gallon water tank with water heater); move the toilet out, and it can serve as a second bedroom, as well. (That said, we'd recommend instead opting for the optional rooftop tent, which is accessible via standard side-mounted ladder and offers room for two more.)

The price? $29,000 in Australian dollars, or a little more than $21,000 in American bucks. That said, Mobi Nomad outfits the X with a ton of cool standard gear that makes it pretty much ready to roll out of the box, including a freezer, a shovel, twin jerry cans, a 105-Ah battery, seven LED lights, and plenty more.

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