Ford Changes Its Mind, Agrees to Create the Bronco We Really Want

After claiming otherwise at first, Ford now says buyers can have the Sasquatch Package with the seven-speed manual.

ford bronco sasquatch package manual transmission stick shift 2021

The all-new Ford Bronco is far and away one of the most exciting vehicles to debut in calendar year 2020. Indeed, it's drummed up so much excitement, it's easy to forget that the new Bronco doesn't actually hit the streets until next year — and as such, some of the details about it are still in flux.

Case in point: after claiming at launch that the new Bronco's order guide wouldn't let buyers configure their boxy new Fords with both the off-road-optimized Sasquatch Package and the seven-speed manual gearbox, FoMoCo has since reversed their decision. You will indeed be able to buy a 2021 Bronco with the Sasquatch Package and a stick.

The reversal of course doesn't come as a complete surprise, mind you. Ford's original announcement of the decision only to offer the Sasquatch Package — which packs Bilstein shocks, 35-inch tires and locking front and rear axles, among other off-road-minded goodies — on models with the 10-speed automatic came hand in hand with a caveat from the messenger, Ford North America Product Communications manager Mike Levine: the Blue Oval was "open to feedback for those that feel otherwise" about the decision.

Clearly, the car nerd outcry was heard loud and clear, as the decision to change course came just a bit more than two months later. Along the way, though, the motoring world was tipped off by the appearance of a Sasquatch-tired Bronco prototype boasting the seven-speed manual, suggesting Ford was working on finding a way to make it work for a hot minute before they made this announcement.

That said, as we found out during our first ride in the new Bronco, don't think you have to buy the Sasquatch Package in order to have a burly off-roader version; indeed, the new SUV arguably looks better in person without those beefy tires. Still, for those who live out in those wide-open spaces where Bilstein shocks, locking diffs and giant tires will make a significant difference in terms of capability, this news is sure to make their heads and hearts happy...and their left legs a little irritated.

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