Vintage BMW Prices Are Out of Control. This Not-So-Classic M3 Is Proof

You may have missed your chance to get a good deal on a vintage M3.

The E30 generation BMW M3, the very first of its name, has become one of the most sought-after sports cars in recent years. It was the standard to which all sports cars labeled as such were held to. Which is one reason you can find a few examples going for almost $100,000 on Hemmings. It’s so desirable that even classic car buyers seemed to have stopped caring whether or not an E30 they find is even all original. Case in point: this E30 M3 with an S50 engine transplant from a next-generation E36 M3.

It should be known by now that collectors are really into number-matching parts and period-correct details. It’s what drives their obsession and, concurrently, the upward swing of classic car market prices. So to see an M3 that’s essentially been resto-modded, with 118,000 miles on the clock, at a starting bid of $35,000 — that’s proof that it’s too late to get a good deal on an original M3, let alone a modded and restored one.

Bid Now: $35,777

Editor’s Note: The price listed reflects the bid at the time of publishing.

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