The Best Part of the New York International Auto Show Is All the Vintage Police Cars

For some reason, the best part of the show is hidden in the basement.

At this year’s New York International Auto Show there were no big supercar reveals (unless you count the SRT Demon), no brands announced any groundbreaking technology and any wild concept cars were few and far between. It was exciting to see the new Lincoln Navigator make to production with an incredible amount in common with the concept. The SRT Demon obviously stole vast majority of headlines, but oddly enough, knowing there is a 295 horsepower four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type is on the way is pretty damn exciting too. But truth be told it was a fairly sedated show overall.

That said, hidden down in the lowest level of the convention hall, tucked all the way in the back of the room is a true gem of a display. I can confidently say that the wonderfully eclectic collection of vintage NYPD patrol cars and motorcycles on display is a can’t-miss. An emerald-green service truck adorned with gold leaf decals stands tall next to a beautiful sky-blue and white Chevy Caprice a couple decades its junior. The collection spans nearly a century and is capped off with a newer Dodge Charger pursuit vehicle that you can tell will age just as well as one of the most intimidating cars there. If you find yourself at the show this year, once you’re done wandering around the main floor and see all there is to see, make your way to the best part of the show, which for some reason is hidden in the basement.

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