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BMW's Groundbreaking New Electric Car Has a Familiar Face

BMW finally has a follow-up to the i3, and it's going to feature one of BMW's most distinctive new design features.

bmw ix on a stone driveway in front of a modernist building

BMW was one of the first mainstream manufacturers to launch an electric vehicle with the i3 hatchback in 2013. It has been a long wait, but as of now, BMW has announced we are finally getting a second electric car for the American market: the new iX crossover.

bmw ix

The iX will be a midsize crossover, with the same approximate length and width as the X5 but be more analogous to the rakishly-roofed X6 when it comes to height. BMW says it will make around 500 horsepower, deliver a 0-62 mph time under five seconds, and pack an EPA-rated range of roughly 300 miles. Those targets would put the iX about on par with the Tesla Model Y.

BMW says the iX will be capable of 200-kW DC fast charging. That means it will add 75 miles of range in about 10 minutes, charge up to 80 percent in less than 40 minutes and deliver a full charge from a wall box in fewer than 11 hours.

You’ve no doubt looked at the pictures by now and have noticed the massive kidney grille reminiscent of the new and awkwardly gigantic schnoz on the BMW 4 Series. BMW calls it “a technologically lavish advertisement for intelligent mobility,” In other words, it won’t provide airflow, but it will house the cameras, radar and sensors required for various driver assistant systems.

bmw ix crossover

There’s a lot we don’t know still, though — most importantly, how much the iX will cost. We wouldn’t expect it to be cheap. It’s going to be a step above the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron for range and capability, and both of those cars start at around $70,000. So does the less-capable combustion version of the X6. What we do know: BMW is planning a production launch for late 2021.


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