An Utterly Beautiful and Incredibly Rare BMW M5 Wagon That’s Worth Every Penny

The paint is beautiful. The leather is impeccable.

It’s an oxymoron, but: rare cars are a dime a dozen. It’s not hard to find a limited-run Porsche, a one-of-a-kind Mustang or a mint-condition Jaguar E-Type. When you come across a car that’s not only rare, but also punches you so hard in your sight-receptacles that a physical emotion starts to well up — now, that’s a special automobile.

Which is why we present to you this 1995 BMW M5 Touring Elekta (one of 20). The Elekta edition was made specifically for a handful of BMW dealers in Italy, and none of them were originally imported to the U.S. Only 10 of the 20 were finished in this eye-watering combination of British Racing Green and Hazelnut leather interior. This exact model was the sixth Elekta produced.

The paint is beautiful. The leather is impeccable. The engine looks clean enough to eat off of (but don’t you dare). This M5 wagon only has about 78,000 miles on it, but honestly, it could have 780,000 and still be worth every penny just to be able to look at it every day.

Bid Now: $60,000

Editor’s Note: The price listed reflects the bid at the time of publishing.

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