Did You Know Rolls-Royce Will Sell You an $8,800 Stool?

Because a Rolls-Royce owner's hindquarters should experience nothing less than the spirit of ecstasy.

rolls royce pursuit seat

Rolls-Royce builds some of the planet's most rarified and exclusive cars. Other than the sub-optimal fuel economy with a V12, there's only one drawback to owning one: having to occasionally leave the pampered confines of your vehicle. The coronavirus pandemic compounds that trauma, as most swanky shindigs will happen outdoors for some time to come. Being outside often means long periods of awkward standing — or, even worse, resting one's hindquarters on a folding chair like a commoner.

But owners should not fret. Rolls-Royce now offers a solution to that particular and exclusive difficulty: the Pursuit Seat. Consider it the spirit of ecstasy...for your butt.

The Pursuit Seat is, essentially, a portable, height-adjustable bespoke Rolls-Royce stool. The company manufactures it from carbon fiber and polished aluminum, with the design providing what the brand describes as the "optimal strength to weight ratio." The seat itself is made from embossed Rolls-Royce leather, which can match — or, if so inclined, contrast — the seating in your Rolls-Royce.

rolls royce trunk

Granted The seat has a retractable spike to anchor itself on rough terrain. Rolls-Royce even included a helpful slim flashlight stored in the seat's hinge, lest the soiree end after sunset, making it nearly impossible to locate your Black Badge Wraith with the naked eye. The chairs come with individual cases,and can be stored in a compartment in the Cullinan SUV's rear, judging from photos.

Rolls-Royce will sell the Pursuit Seat individually or in pairs, with it available worldwide at the brand's dealerships and boutiques. They will start at £6,581 apiece, which works out to about $8,800 at the current exchange rate.

Is the Pursuit Seat pricey and decadent for something that provides zero lumbar support and won't even support your whole butt? Absolutely. But if you're buying a new Rolls-Royce, what's a few thousand dollars more for an occasional seat that's also one hell of a conversation piece?


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