Sealander’s Little $22,000 Camper Is Also a Boat

Say you want to go camping this weekend by a lake… and also on the lake itself.

The joke goes that Germans are invariably concerned to an extreme degree with efficiency — everything designed in their country is overthought, borderline overwrought and certainly over-engineered. The not-so-joke is that most vehicles and vehicle-adjacent products made in Germany are, with few exceptions, awesome. But now we can all also not-joke about German transportation products being cute.

The Sealander is a 13-square-foot, 1,100-pound camper trailer combo that can just as easily putter around in the (very placid, please) water at five miles per hour as sea vessel. A camper boat (which surely must have an ultra-long, compound German name).

Customize your Sealander (which, come to think of it, is a not-so-long-yet-still-compound English name) with a kitchenette appliances and, presumably, the world’s most efficient and cute toilet. There’s seating inside for six people and, of course, that seating also converts to a sleeping surface. Do note, however, that the Sealander is only officially on sale in Canada and Europe.

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